Kitzhaber tries to reinvent himself, history as top job creator

By Chris Dudley for Governor,

In an attempt to rewrite Oregon’s history in his new tv ad, former Governor John Kitzhaber says, “my main job as governor is to create jobs for you” and “we need to let the world know that Oregon is open for business.” This, however, is contrary to how John Kitzhaber led the state in his eight years as governor. In 2001, John Kitzhaber vetoed a bill that would have reduced the capital gains tax rate to encourage businesses to come to Oregon.

Kitzhaber vetoed jobs:
Senate Bill 67, 2001: Creates 6% tax rate for capital gains realized after June 30, 2003 and reduces the tax rate to 4% after January 1, 2005 (Oregon State Legislature, Senate Bill 67, 2001)

Kiitzhaber’s failed record on jobs:
• Oregon Unemployment Was Above The National Average For 80 Consecutive Months During Kitzhaber’s 96 Months As Governor, And Remains Above The National Average To This Day (Oregon Labor Market Information System

Chris Dudley will create jobs:
To improve Oregon’s business climate, Chris will:

• Reduce Capital Gains Taxes To Encourage Investments In Oregon’s Economy And Oregon Jobs (Jobs First: Oregon’s Recovery Plan,

• Reduce The Taxes Paid By Businesses When They Invest In A New Piece Of Equipment To Become More Efficient Or Productive (Jobs First: Oregon’s Recovery Plan,

“John Kitzhaber had his chance to sign legislation to help businesses create jobs and show Oregon is open for business, but instead he vetoed it. Oregon’s failing economy of today is a direct result of John Kitzhaber’s failure to prepare Oregon for our economic future when he had the chance – and the responsibility. Now, 14 years later, Oregon’s unemployment rate is still well above the national average, and it started with John Kitzhaber. With a record like that, no wonder John Kitzhaber called his time in office a ‘failure of governance,’” said LeRoy Coleman, Communications Director.