Oregon GOP legislative leaders respond to Gov. Brown’s anti-gun agenda


Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli
House Republican Leader Mike McLane

Salem, Ore. – Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) released the following statement following Governor Kate Brown’s announcement Friday of her gun control plan that includes requiring Oregon State Police to retain firearms transaction data for five years:

“Kate Brown’s reckless attempt to politicize gun control while tension is significantly heightened across the country may propel us into a debate on the confiscation of private property and criminalization of law-abiding citizens and cause the kind of provocation almost guaranteed to produce more violence and anger.

“Instead of attacking the freedom and rights of law-abiding citizens through gun registries and bans, we should unite to address the real problem of inadequate mental health funding that leaves struggling individuals without the help they desperately need.

“The Governor will not mention that many mass shootings in Oregon have been by people who cannot legally own or possess a firearm, but obtained access to firearms illegally, including by theft. Treating the cause of the problems leading to hostility, including inadequate mental health care, is the only way to reduce incidents of random gun violence in Oregon and throughout the nation.”

Salem, Ore. – House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) issued the following statement in response to Governor Brown’s firearm policy agenda:

“Oregon House Republicans welcome a conversation about how to address violence in our communities, but it is absolutely critical that those conversations maintain the appropriate level of respect for Oregonians’ constitutional rights and the thousands upon thousands of gun owners in this state who responsibly exercise their Second Amendment rights and Article I, Section 27 rights every day. Sadly, this element of the conversation is all too often an afterthought for politicians in Salem.

“We can and, indeed should, do more to address violence in our communities, but I firmly believe that these solutions should be borne out of bipartisan consensus and honest efforts to find common ground that works.”

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  • Jack Lord God

    Gun control nuts always like to portray those who don’t support their nonsense as somehow paranoid.

    And every time, without fail, these nuts step up to the plate and fulfill exactly what is predicted by 2A supporters. Here we go again – using background checks and transaction data to build a data base.

    This probably needs to be countered by common sense. Something almost never present in the gun control advocates quiver as such advocates wear as a badge of honor their complete ignorance on the issue.

    The only purpose in maintaining a data base of gun owners is confiscation. It has been used time and again for that purpose, never to reduce crime. The Canadians found out this very expensive lesson several years after long gun registration and abandoned the process. It had never been used to prevent a single crime.

    We need to look at these attempts in the same manner as we look at literacy tests for voting. A practice whose record of abuse overrides any claim to validity the concept may have in the abstract.

    Indeed, should anyone ever propose literacy tests for voting, the suggestion would be given very little chance for argument since the record of abuse is so clear. The same should attend to these sorts of proposals by gun control nuts – “I’m sorry, but these lists have only been used for abuse, never for anything productive, and we all know what you are trying to do here. Buh bye loser”

    • R/C HRC’s assets asshore

      IMO, Kate Brown is a runny canker-sore ‘bettor’ suited tart salving the asp of Dem snakes in DNC see, en grasp, to wit, afreakin-Steiner headless foamer-guile fallow, akin to Debbie Wasserho Shills icon – tuit, undupeer for DEMONstrations at the GOP convening at CleveLAMB, sOHIO…@#$! incandescently proselytized, post humorously, DEMboldening over Conniving Travails, Ohiomoan.

      • Cork it B4 it’s 2 late.

        KISS – The Clintons and Obamas are 24/7 succoring US down into New World Odor of their smell.

  • 您的博客拥有旺盛的生命力!!

  • IhateLiberals

    What is so lame and pathetic about all these “gun control” laws and measures is the simple fact you can easily buy guns from private parties with no registration of any kind required. And don’t even get me started on guns that were given to others with no records of any kind ever made.

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