Representative Kim Thatcher: More Fees for State Service?

More Fees for State Service?
By State Representative Kim Thatcher,

Representative Thatcher was just appointed to a new Electronic Government Portal Advisory Board. The panel will look at whether the state should be charging more fees for the information distributed through the primary website: Legislation enacted last year spells out the use of “convenience fees” for “using an electronic government portal or governmental services.” Rep Thatcher will be watching these developments closely.

And Speaking Of Fees…

Thanks to a new federal law, the overdraft protection you have on that debit or ATM card is going away August 15th. The Oregon Bankers Association is warning customers to check with their bank to “opt-in” to the overdraft program of their choice before the deadline. Click here to learn more.

— Kim Thatcher is a Republican State Representative from House District #25 in Keizer.