Lars Larson: The Muslim Mosque – a tribute to 3000 murders

Let’s make sure we don’t have any Muslim Mosques built 600 feet from Ground Zero.

I know that it’s not within the prevue of government. The 1st Amendment makes it clear the government has no business promoting one religion or restricting another religion.

The Muslim group would like to build a Mosque 600 feet from Ground Zero where almost 3000 Americans were murdered by Islamic radical terrorists.

It doesn’t make any sense that the government can shut it down, but there are ways that we can intercede. First of all, the group doesn’t have all the land it needs. Some of that land needs to come from Consolidated Edison, a power company. It would have to come under eminent domain, seized with the power of government. We don’t need to do that on behalf of that religion or any other religion.

There are other ways we can stop them. We can do it legally and we will make it clear that we are not submitting to Islam. We are going to make it clear that we are not going to allow them to build a tribute Mosque on top of the scene of all those murders.

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