Chris Dudley releases new TV ad

Dudley Campaign Releases New TV Ad
By Chris Dudley Campaign

Lake Oswego – Chris Dudley today released a new television ad entitled “New Ideas”. With Oregon facing an economic crisis and unemployment that has been higher than the national average for the last 14 years, Dudley emphasized the need to create jobs by getting spending under control, not raising taxes and helping small businesses.

To view “New Ideas” please click on the following link:

“New Ideas” TV Ad Script

Dudley Voice Over: Our quality of life is at risk because we’re losing too many jobs.

Chyron: “Relative to the rest of America, Oregon is getting poorer” – AP, July 17, 2010

Dudley Voice Over: For 14 years, Oregon’s unemployment has been above the national average.

Chyron: “Oregon jobs in a rut” Oregonian, July 14, 2010

Dudley Voice Over: If we send the same people to do the same job – we’ll get the same result.

Chyron: Under Kitzhaber Oregon received an “F” in Job Growth – Oregon Progress Board 2001 Benchmark Report

Dudley Voice Over: It’s time for a new direction.

Dudley Voice Over: I’ll focus on creating jobs – not raising taxes.

Dudley Voice Over: I’ll get state spending under control

Dudley Voice Over: And instead of punishing small businesses – I’ll do everything I can to help them.

Dudley Voice Over: Oregon isn’t ungovernable – we just need new ideas