SB 941: Dems warned REPEATEDLY of unintended consequences

Gail Whitsett

by Rep. Gail Whitsett

Editor’s note: A Lake Oswego pastor spent $3,000 of church funds to buy tickets for an AR-15 raffle in support of a girls’ softball tournament – with the intent of destroying it if he won. He did win, and after passing a background check at a local gun shop and taking possession of his AR-15, the pastor then transferred it to a parishioner, a “responsible gun owner,” to store in his gun safe. That transfer without an additional background check with both parties present violated the law created by SB 941 in 2015. In an interview on KGW on Tuesday evening, Sen. Ginny Burdick (D-Portland), one of the chief sponsors of SB 941, tried to say the allegations go against the spirit of the new law. She told KGW “[the pastor] was trying to do the right thing. He was trying to protect his own family by making sure the gun was safely secured – and that is not the same thing as somebody going into a store, buying a gun and then immediately giving it to a convicted felon.”

I gave a lengthy speech on the House floor regarding this EXACT issue. I asked if military men and women from our National Guard Base in Klamath (Kingsley Field) were to entrust their guns to friends (without a background check on each gun) while being deployed overseas, would they be breaking the law and in direct violation of SB 941?

The answer was an unequivocal “Yes” by the Democrat Majority leader.

I will post my speech so everyone can see just what the penalties are for ANY violation of this law.

It is not sufficient for the Democrats to now say giving a gun to someone for safe keeping without a background check is NOT a violation of THE LAW, SB 941. Either we abide by SB 941, or change the law.

The House and Senate Republicans spoke REPEATEDLY of the unintended consequences of this law, but the Democrats voted en masse to pass it anyhow.

Representative Gail Whitsett is the Republican state representative representing House District 56 – Klamath Falls

  • Arele

    Representative Gail Whitsett’s video is definitely worth a watch (even though you have to wade through the painfully awkward responses of the House Majority Leader at first). Whitsett’s examples of what she and her husband would have to do to leave their guns with a friend for safe keeping each session to comply with the law are incredible – and exactly what the pastor was doing when he gave the rifle to the “responsible gun owner” for safe keeping – that Ginny now says is a good idea and violates the “spirit of the law!”

    “It’s okay for me but not for thee…”

  • BD Barney

    This should be shared with all so the public understands why SB941 was a bad bill. Especially now that we have such an excellent example handed to us.

  • thevillageidiot

    gotta love stupid dummycrats. all bills are aimed at the criminal and assume that anyone doing anything contrary to progressive ideals of correctness is a criminal. Obviously Burdick does not understand law. this law does exactly as intended. prevents criminals from getting guns by stopping honest citizens from giving away guns. Just like the law requiring people to use seat belts as if people are to stupid to protect themselves. They need laws to force them to protect against harm. How many times does Burdick not wear a seat belt, or talks on her cell phone while driving, or texts while driving. she is probably guilty of all the above.

  • Jack Lord God

    Gun control nuts pride themselves on an effete sensibility that ignorance of firearms and the laws regarding them represents a higher level of intellectualism.

    Pastor Idiot is a particularly hilarious example of this phenomenon.