Congressman Kurt Schrader and bad economics

From the Scott Bruun for Congress Campaign

WEST LINN, Ore. – Despite Oregon’s steady 10.5 percent unemployment rate and state labor reports showing that Oregon continues to lose jobs, Congressman Kurt Schrader boasted today that “private payroll is up—even in Oregon.”

Schrader remained on the defensive at this morning’s Clackamas Chamber “Eggs ‘n Issues” candidate forum as he defended his vote on yet another $26 billion stimulus and reminded attendees of the failed Democratic policies that have led to what he described as a “jobless recovery.”

“If Kurt Schrader is proud of what he’s done during his time in the House, he needs to stop making up statistics and explain to Oregonians why their children will be stuck with the debt Schrader is handing them, with jobs nowhere in sight,” Bruun spokeswoman Alee Lockman said. “Schrader has shown once again just how out of touch he is with his constituents’ economic needs. The failed Democratic stimulus has done nothing to create jobs, yet Pelosi and Schrader continue to claim that the out-of-control spending and mounting debt of their ‘jobless recovery’ is the right course of action for Oregonians. Simply put, Oregonians can only afford to lose one more job this year—and that’s Kurt Schrader’s.”