New Oregon Catalyst policy on trolls

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Oregon Catalyst

All blogs (liberal, conservative, official news sites) are forced to protect themselves from trolls in order to protect free speech and quality discussion.

Oregon Catalyst is “is a place for conservative Oregonians to gather and share news, commentary, and gossip.”

We don’t have the staff to monitor all the comments, and we’ve tried to allow freedom of speech and lively discussion as much as possible. That has to be balanced with providing a place where Oregon conservatives can discuss, comment and share ideas without being attacked by trolls. We also have an interest in promoting civil, useful and productive discourse.

Trolls will be banned

Effective immediately, trolling will be considered disruptive behavior and as such will result in banning from Oregon Catalyst.

OC Posting Rules

Oregon Catalyst Posting Rules

As noted in our long-standing Posting Rules, “comments, etc., contrary to these rules fall under the rubric of ‘disruptive behavior’ and will result in banning from Oregon Catalyst. You may or may not get a warning — it depends on how harried the moderators are.”

To report possible troll behavior, please email [email protected]

‘Trolls’ defined

In her 2010 ‘Blogging the Political: Politics and Participation in a Networked Society’, Antoinette Pole defines trolls as “individuals who attempt to thwart discussion on blogs that they are philosophically or ideologically opposed to.”

Trolls exhibit some or all of these attributes/behaviors:

  • contrary and argumentative for the sake of being contrary and argumentative
  • off point
  • disruptive
  • making illogical statements
  • putting words into other people’s mouths
  • carrying on the same conversation across multiple articles or threads – regardless of whether that conversation is at all relevant to those articles or threads

  • Conservatively Speaking

    You can tell a left wing Democrat (not necessarily democratic) person posting here, but little else. Their mind is set on crushing conservative thought by any means ‘prehensile’ from above or below their tableau including ‘Troll’jan’ means.

    Hello, one can laud OC’s attempt to mitigate mud slinging here – but what’s really odious is what’s flung by the left over odious-establishment: to wit, Norman Schwarzkopf politely termed “bovine scatology.”

    Add more:

    Missing his presence and Justice Scala’s presence more than ever.


  • oregonred

    This is a good policy.

    As with most things, leftists try to prevent and shut down conservative thought whenever possible. There are even paid leftist trolls that target popular conservative sites in order to disrupt the ‘conversations.’

    It is important for conservatives to have a place, particularly in Oregon, where they can gather and converse without the heavy blanket of politically correct ‘police’ trying to insult them.

    When leftist professors state that the term “free speech” is racist, you know that they left wants to control all thought and speech. They truly stand in opposition to free speech and freedom of thought. You must conform!

    Conservatives are the only free thinkers in Oregon.

    • Eric Blair

      I am going to respectfully disagree … a bit. Both sides utilize paid trolls on occasion, and I would say that some of the more egregious examples of trolling actually comes from at least one very prolific commentator who happens, apparently, to be conservative as well. You can identify him by his frequently nonsensical comments. He is, fortunately, the exception.

      Now, if debate is not welcome on here, and OC is to be mainly a site for the sharing of conservative ideas, then I’ll be happy to not comment. I don’t get that impression, but if I’m wrong, I’ll be happy to be corrected by management.

      • Ardbeg

        There is only one troll that I’ve seen on this site (the one whom of you speak) and it’s long overdue to cut the fat. Hard to believe it’s taken this long! Dialogue and discourse are one thing that I think furthers understanding, trolls only distract from the progress. I’ll be curious to see if either the troll changes his message or if this site can properly police individuals like him?

        • guest

          Calling all cops, what does “police individuals like him” portend? St. Louis, Dallas, Baltimore, Milwaukee in reverie or swat…

      • oregonred

        Speaking for myself, I would not come here to “debate” liberals/leftists. I can do that anywhere.

        I prefer to meet fellow Oregon conservatives and discuss topics of mutual interest, not let someone try to ‘prove’ they are right and everyone else is wrong.

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  • Francis Pettygrove

    Ten years too late. Half the comments have always been from the same two trolls.

  • MrBill

    There may be a troll or two on the OC site. But that’s okay. A little debate helps keep the site from becoming a conservative echo chamber.

    I would add that if the worst things that have ever been said to you are responses to your posts found here, you’ve led a very sheltered life.

    • First Amendment toady

      Echoing in resonance to MrBill’s smart remarks.

  • D’nuts 2 em awl

    Toot the left wing soot-sayers posting here: Bend over and shoulder the burden ewes put on curbing free speech condiments here. “` To wit y’all have BlueOregon to re-lie upon. “` Here, OC bares outspoken concessionaire’s, even sum who even AP-tempt to shallot out forum the DNC onion batch by dissing with an equilibrium dispatch: Norm Crosby exponential twerks.

    Assay thar: OMG hell no, your props and fellows hood be spinning within DNC fellatio

    Out, out Dem despots! .

  • Myke

    Though I support OC’s desire to maintain a respectable site, I have been quite willing to let those who can’t make a compelling comment to do as they choose. I still control what I’m willing to spend my time reading and replying to. Great thought requires great discourse with diverse opinions. You’ll never know where you stand if you don’t know the extremes.