School Snow Blunder

It is Tuesday morning and we have a full blown regional snow storm on our hands. While most of the area schools were quick to close, Portland schools held out, frustrating the folks at KPAM 860 Bob Miller’s show. It was 7:00AM and the Portland schools announced late openings but undecided on whether to re-open in two hours. By this time, people were bailing out of their cars on the hwy, and parents cancelling work plans. It wasn’t until nearly 7:45 before Portland Schools announced that they were going to close the schools. How can parents possibly manage driving to work and driving their kids to school on less than 2-hours notice? Why is PDX so late when others are on the ball. One frustrated parent of an Evergreen student complained that their school did not announce, and their kid found out at the doorstep. With the advancement of technology, we can do better.