School Snow Blunder

It is Tuesday morning and we have a full blown regional snow storm on our hands. While most of the area schools were quick to close, Portland schools held out, frustrating the folks at KPAM 860 Bob Miller’s show. It was 7:00AM and the Portland schools announced late openings but undecided on whether to re-open in two hours. By this time, people were bailing out of their cars on the hwy, and parents cancelling work plans. It wasn’t until nearly 7:45 before Portland Schools announced that they were going to close the schools. How can parents possibly manage driving to work and driving their kids to school on less than 2-hours notice? Why is PDX so late when others are on the ball. One frustrated parent of an Evergreen student complained that their school did not announce, and their kid found out at the doorstep. With the advancement of technology, we can do better.

  • John Fairplay

    same story in the Beaverton district, where idiot superintendent jerry colonna waited until students were actually at school to decide to close. i was up at 6:00 am, there was snow on the road and it was snowing hard at that time. i had the pleasure of driving my child to school, and then going to pick back up 45 minutes later.

  • eagle eye

    In Eugene, I heard people complaining that they closed the schools right away just because of a little snow, before anyone knew if there was a big problem or not.

    If they did close the schools early, and the snow got flushed, would the same people be complaining about how the schools will do anything to take a day off?

    • Captain.Anon

      they did JUST that in portland last week. There was snow on the ground, but the weather man said it might melt off. but at roughly 7:30 it hasn’t started to warm up, so portland cancelled. Sure enough, it warmed up and all went away and everyone was pissed that the school cancelled it. So today, when in the paper the national weather service called only for a ‘60% dusting of snow’ up until noon, they wanted to see if it would go away. so they cancelled, and everyone still gets pissed. and also in thier defense, students were already on buses heading to the schools before it was bad out. so they had to make sure since if they cancelled, the kids on the buses would have someplace to go.

      Ya know, you can’t really predict the weather and you can only do the best you can. and i think they tried. and because of the public outcry last week, they waited to make sure they got it right.

  • Jerry

    What a bunch of babies. In Ohio it has to snow a foot or more before they close anything.
    Quit whining you people and figure out how to deal with the weather. It is not that hard.

    • Steve Plunk


      It’s not whining to want to know if the school will be open or not. All the people wanted was an answer so the could deal with it. By not announcing the schedule parents could not plan for the day.

      Please understand the issue before calling names.

    • eagle eye

      Jerry, in Ohio they’re used to snow and prepared for it. The drivers here are not prepared — they either drive 5 miles per hour or they drive recklessly into the ditch — and the road crews are not prepared.

      If the government spent enough money to be prepared for an Ohio-sized storm, you’d be one of the first to bellow about the government wasting money. Ditto if a school bus went off the road and there was a tragedy.

  • Jerry

    I am not calling anyone names. I am just saying take it easy out there. Life is too short to be in a sweat about such minor stuff. The school people were not trying to ruin lives with late calls. They are humans – humans make mistakes – stuff happens. Take it easy is all I am saying. It is SO very easy to armchair quarterback. I wonder how many of the critical posters have jobs equivalent to that of superintendent as far as responsibility goes. Just curious.

    I do agree about the Oregon drivers, though. Everyone seems to think if you have AWD the snow is nothing. People must learn to respect mother nature and her power.

    • eagle eye

      The Oregon drivers, urrggh. Here in the southern valley, they either drive 5 mph, or they go barreling along as if the snow and ice do not matter. Both are unnecessary and dangerous.

    • captainanon

      I agree. people should get off the school districts backs. they complain if they cancel school like last week and the weather changes and becomes just fine, and they complain if the district waits to make sure it’s going to be bad so they don’t get the same crap this time around.

      You’re right, they are humans. just like everyone in government. city employees, ODOT, county workers etc. so we should all give them a break.

  • Of course Portland’s geographical proximity to the Gorge contributes to what is known as “Gorge Effect”, whereby Portland’s relatively light snowfall can quickly became dangerous ice storms with very little warning.