Rob Cornilles exposes David Wu on using taxes for campaign

Rob Cornilles Asks: “Why is David Wu Using Taxpayer Dollars to Campaign?”
Rob Cornilles for Congress, campaign Press Release

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Beaverton, OR – Rob Cornilles, Republican nominee in Oregon’s First Congressional District, has released the following statement in response to David Wu’s use of taxpayer funds to promote his campaign: Since May of 2010, David Wu has produced and mailed five direct-mail pieces at taxpayer expense through the congressional franking privilege. “While Oregonians continue to tighten their belts and make sacrifices at home, David Wu sits in Washington and unapologetically wastes taxpayers’ money for personal political gain. His actions are as indefensible as a teenager stealing mom’s credit card. “David Wu recently produced, published, and mailed five slick direct mail pieces that are blatantly designed to help his re-election campaign – each one filled with hollow rhetoric – all at taxpayer expense.

“In his most recent abuse of the franking privilege, entitled ‘Sparking the Recovery,’ Mr. Wu audaciously claims he is ‘reducing the deficit by cutting spending’ and working to ‘make the federal government live within its means.’ How can David Wu claim with a straight face that he is AGAINST government spending and FOR fiscal responsibility when he voted FOR the ineffective and ill-named ‘stimulus,’ FOR the massive expansion of government in the health care reform law, FOR the increase of the national debt limit by 1.9 trillion dollars, and just sent five different electioneering mailers to thousands of people on the taxpayers dime?

“If David Wu actually was an effective representative over the last twelve years, he would not have to resort to spending his constituents’ money to make his case for re-election. He’d be in the district during the August recess listening to voters via town halls and forums. Instead, last week he raced back to Washington to cast one more vote for government spending.

“If David Wu actually understood the serious economic challenges and the unrelenting, massive unemployment currently facing average Oregonians, he certainly would not title his most recent taxpayer-funded mailer, ‘Sparking the Recovery.’ The average Oregonian knows what David Wu simply does not: there has been no effective recovery in Oregon because a jobless recovery is not a recovery at all. Though he promised a ‘Recovery Summer,’ Mr. Wu has turned this into a ‘Run for Cover’ summer.

“When long-term incumbents like David Wu wantonly abuse the franking privilege (and the taxpayers’ wallets) like this, it is no wonder that Congress’s approval ratings are at an all-time record low.”

Cornilles is a prominent advisor in the sports business industry, having founded Game Face, Inc in 1995. He and Allison, his wife of 24 years, volunteer in various community causes, including local schools, Boy Scouts of America, the Good Neighbor Center, and other organizations centered on developing stronger youth citizens and leaders. They are also active in the lives of their three sons.Oregon’s first Congressional district stretches from Portland to the Oregon Coast and encompasses all of Washington, Yamhill, Columbia and Clatsop counties, and part of Multnomah County.