Dennis Richardson launches ‘From the Heart’ TV ad campaign

Dennis Richardson SOS

Dennis Richardson for Secretary of State

Oregonians share how the Secretary of State can create positive impacts for families

Central Point, OR – Candidate for Secretary of State Dennis Richardson yesterday launched his “From the Heart” television campaign featuring reform-minded Oregonians sharing with voters how the Secretary of State can positively impact the issues for which they advocate.

“Since the beginning of this race, I’ve been focused on how the office of Secretary of State can be used in a way to bring real reforms to the issues that are on the minds of Oregon families,” stated Richardson, a former 12-year legislator and Ways and Means Co-Chair. “When used as intended, the Secretary of State has the authority to audit failing programs like our foster care system, investigate why our public schools are low-performing, and follow-through on newly passed legislation.”

Richardson noted his main opponent, Brad Avakian, has been publicly chastised by members of his own party for attempting to expand the office of Secretary of State outside the scope of its legal authority. “While Mr. Avakian wants to focus on partisan social issues and auditing private businesses, I believe there is plenty of work to do within the scope of the office without trying to encroach on the duties of other statewide elected officials. We cannot ignore the systemic problems in Oregon’s schools or public agencies.”

“From the Heart” features three Oregonians who are advocates for their respective issues.

“It’s clear Oregonians are ready for a Secretary of State who is focused on using the position as intended to get real results for all Oregonians,” Richardson said. “There’s simply no room for partisanship in the office of Secretary of State if we’re to achieve needed reforms in our state agencies.”

“From the Heart” ads began airing statewide yesterday.

Meet the Oregonians who are ready for reforms

Danielle Tudor recently helped lift the statutes of limitations for the crime of rape, and secured funding to end the backlog of rape kit testing.

Watch Danielle’s “Heart” message.

Ben West is a nurse and a foster care parent. Like Richardson, he adopted a child from Oregon’s foster care system and wants to ensure that Oregon’s most vulnerable children are protected from abuse.

Watch Ben’s “Heart” message.

Kim Sordyl is an attorney and education advocate focused on lifting graduation rates and ensuring Oregon schools are safe for all students and teachers. As a lifelong Democrat, Sordyl isn’t focused on partisan labels, rather, she supports leaders who focus on outcomes.

Watch Kim’s “Heart” message.