The Oregonian Budget Expose1: Breakthrough Article

The Oregonian Budget expose1: Breakthrough Article
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

Today’s front page Sunday Oregonian is a superb piece on investigative journalism and budget breakdown that lays out of Oregon’s government problems on the line. Even the printed title is great “Have we the guts to make cuts.” They even walk through tax savings solutions (ones promoted by Taxpayer Association for over 10 years) and showcase how such solutions work in other states and are being stifle din Oregon. Please read and email to all your friends this article by Michelle Cole and Harry Esteve. No really, email this out to your friends. Is int this era of hightened scepticism, there are some people who only trust a message if it is reinforced from an established newspaper. Thsi article is the perfect tool.

Below is their 100 year agency growth chart featured in the article.
Historic Growth of State Agencies: