The Oregonian Budget Expose 2: Dudley vs. Kitzhaber solutions

The Oregonian Budget Expose 2: Chris Dudley vs. John Kitzhaber governor candidate solutions
By The Taxpayer Association of Oregon PAC

The front page Sunday Oregon budget expose also features a comparrision of ideas from both Oregon governor candidates Democrat John Kitzhaber and Republican Chris Dudley — and the results could not be more striking. Read The Oregonian’s Kitzhaber-Dudley candidate comparrisons here. Below is a composite of what was said.

Chris Dudley, Republican
1. Implement “zero-based budgeting”
Estimated savings: $294 million to $558 million.
2. Take a “total compensation” approach for state employees.
Estimated savings: $200 million
3. End state pick-up of retirement contributions for new hires.
Estimated savings: $132 million

John Kitzhaber, Democrat
1. Reduce health care costs for businesses, families and state government by changing how we deliver care.
Estimated savings: None given.
2. Work with state employees to reduce projected increases in retirement and health care costs
Estimated savings: None given.
3. Acknowledge amount of money for education will be lower than the increasing needs.
Estimated savings: None given.