Congress poll: Scott Bruun 41%, Kurt Schrader 38%

Polling on the Oregon 5th Congressional District. Kurt Schrader-Scott Bruun Congressional Race.
By Bob Moore,
Moore Information

There is a major opportunity for Republicans to pick up a Democratic Congressional seat in Oregon C.D. Five.

• Currently, district voters prefer a Republican candidate for Congress over a Democrat by a 44-37% margin, with 19% expressing no preference. This is a major change from two years ago. In July 2008, a Democrat was preferred over a GOP candidate by a 44-33% margin

• Just 30% of voters believe incumbent Kurt Schrader deserves reelection, while 46% favor a new person and 24% are undecided

• On the ballot test, Scott Bruun is favored by 41%, Schrader by 38% and 22% are undecided or will vote for neither

There are a number of other indications in the poll that point to a favorable political environment for Republicans in November.

• 59% of district voters believe things in the country are on the wrong track, indicating a desire for change in leadership

• More voters have an unfavorable (49%) than favorable opinion of President Obama (47%)

• There are negative reactions to President Obama’s stimulus package and to his health care reform plan

• A 52% majority of voters prefer electing Republicans who will provide a check and balance on President Obama and Congressional Democrats, while 35% prefer electing Democrats who will help President Obama pass his agenda

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