New Chris Dudley Radio Ad: Debating Kitzhaber

Dudley Campaign Releases Radio Ad Announcing Portland Debate
By Chris Dudley for Governor Campaign

Lake Oswego – The Chris Dudley campaign today unveiled a new radio ad announcing the KGW/Oregonian debate, which is set to take place in Portland on October 7th. The radio ad, entitled “Debate”, outlines Chris’ plan to create jobs and control government spending, as well as his commitment to working across party lines to get things done. Additionally, the ad expresses Chris’ desire to debate John Kitzhaber’s failed record as governor. The radio ad will begin running this week.

Text of the radio ad is as follows:

:60 Radio Ad
Voice Over: Chris DudleyThis is Chris Dudley.

I’m pleased to announce our fall debate schedule including right here in Portland on October 7th.

I look forward to a lively discussion with Governor Kitzhaber about our different visions for the state:

His record of runaway government spending and higher taxes that drove jobs away.

And my plans to control spending… Hold the line on taxes … And help small businesses create jobs.

I don’t question Governor Kitzhaber’s intentions, but I do question his judgment.

We tried his approach and it’s what got us here.

The verdicts in, his policies haven’t worked.

I’ll replace a failed, partisan approach with a bi-partisan one.

And we’ll debate the pressing issues facing Portland like job creation, investments in education, and a rainy day fund.

As I’ve traveled the state, I’ve heard the problems Oregonians are facing and developed a plan to help move us forward.

Read my plan at Chris Dudley dot com.

Together, we’ll get Oregon working again.

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