Roll Call and CNN upgrade Cornilles chances of Wu upset

Roll Call and CNN upgrade Cornilles chances of Wu upset
News bits on Oregon Congressional race between Wu and Cornilles:

CQ Politics:
“The latest CQ-Roll Call survey of the political landscape finds an environment that continues to worsen for Democrats and new race ratings to reflect Republicans on the ascent….Moved to Likely Democratic: Oregon’s 1st district (Rep. David Wu )” (CQ Politics, More House Seats Look Like They May Change Hands, 8/25/10)

“California Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the top recruiter of GOP candidates and chief Republican Whip in the House, told reporters there are “more than enough seats” to win, and added, “I think the map is getting bigger by the day….McCarthy said over 80 House seats are now in play, noting that is more than twice the number Republicans need to take the majority. Ticking through many of the competitive races across the country, McCarthy predicted even more seats currently leaning Democratic — like Rep. David Wu’s in Oregon and Rep Carolyn McCarthy’s in New York — will begin shifting toward the Republican column….” (CNN, Democrats in fight to hold onto House seats in November, 8/27/10 )