The Clinton Years to Come

Right From the Start

Right From the Start

It has been sixteen years since the Clintons inhabited the White House.  Time tends to dull our memories.  But this past weekend’s events are a vivid reminder of what it was like during the eight years of President Bill Clinton’s administration – one scandal after another, one investigation after another, one denial after another, one lie after another, one stonewall after another, one perjury after another, one destruction or disappearance of evidence after another.
It wasn’t just that Mr. Clinton and his wife, current Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, were corrupt, it was they corrupted everyone around them.  For example, two of Ms. Clinton’s partners from the Rose Law Firm followed them to Washington, D.C. – Vincent Foster committed suicide during one of the scandals involving Ms. Clinton’s billing practices; Webster Hubbell was convicted of wire fraud and imprisoned for nearly two years in the aftermath of the Clinton’s Whitewater scandal.

There was Whitewater, Travelgate, the Lincoln Bedroom, Monica Lewinsky and an endless supply of sexual improprieties by Mr. Clinton, the cattle futures scandal (Ms. Clinton converted a borrowed $1000 to over $100,000 in the commodities market despite having absolutely no knowledge of the market or cattle futures trading), the Roger Clinton scandals, the Mark Rich pardon, Commercegate (selling seats for political donations for foreign trade meetings), the Pincus Green scandal, Nannygate, Hugh Rodham (Ms. Clinton’s brother), Tony Rodham (Ms. Clinton’s brother), Secretary of Agriculture Mike Espy, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Henry Cisneros, Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, Wampumgate (denial of Indian casino license in exchange for political contributions by competing tribes), looting the White House (furniture, china, silverware, etc.) and the White House FBI files controversy (Filegate).  And the impeachment.

And, of course, there were never any indictments or trials of the Clintons because, like President Barack Obama, they controlled the Justice Department through highly political appointees – Mr. Clinton through Janet Reno and Mr. Obama through Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch (who was originally appointed by Mr. Clinton).  No indictments of the Clintons while those around them were indicted, convicted and jailed – Mr. Hubbell, James and Susan McDougal, Bill McKeun, Jim Guy Tucker, David Hale, Stephen Smith, Robert Palmer, Neil Anley (embezzled bank funds for Clinton campaign), Mike Brown (son of Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown), Johnny Chun, Eugene Lum, Nora Lum, Roger Tamraz, Linda Jones and the list goes on forever.

In more recent years Ms. Clinton has corrupted Susan Rice regarding the Benghazi scandal, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills during the email scandal (along with a string of lesser lights who actually assisted in setting up the private email and server for Ms. Clinton and a similar group who assisted her in destroying 33,000 emails and “bleaching” the server to insure that nothing could be recovered from the server).  She corrupted Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and Donna Brazile as chairwomen of the Democrat National Committee in her primary contest with Sen. Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT).  It now appears that Ms. Brazile, despite confusing denials, provided Ms. Clinton questions from CNN in advance of debates, townhalls and interviews.  She corrupted other news organizations including print and broadcast media who have coordinated attacks on her opponents with her campaign staff.  And this doesn’t include the people who invoked their Fifth Amendment rights to avoid testifying, those who have been given immunity, and those in the FBI and Justice Department who agreed to destroy evidence (Ms. Clinton’s aides’ computers) or those who have shredded documents, destroyed Blackberries, removed files (including files at the FBI), and/or looked away when others have done so.
And, in a twist only Hollywood could conjure, Ms. Abedin is married to former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) who insists on displaying his private parts on the internet.  But the incestuous relationships abound in the Obama/Clinton regime.  Susan Rice is married to Ian Cameron, an executive with ABC.  Ben Rhodes (Deputy National Security Advisor) is the brother of David Rhodes, president of CBS.  Claire Shipman (ABC news correspondent is married to former White House press secretary, Jay Carney.  And the list goes on and on.  Like Oregon Democrats, these people all know each other, hire each other, marry each other, have affairs with each other and most importantly cover for each other.
Even the Clintons’ daughter has been corrupted.  She held a $600,000 a year job at NBC with no specific assignments and even less production.  By age 35 she had accumulated a net worth of $50 Million dollars and lives in a $10 Million penthouse in New York.  In another Hollywood twist, it turns our she is married to the son of another corrupt Democrat politician – former Rep. Edward Mesvinsky (D-IA) – who was convicted of twenty-one counts of fraud and served five years in federal prison.  And it wasn’t campaign or political corruption.  Mr. Mezvinsky was bilking the poor and elderly using artifices like the Nigerian scam – what a creep.  Meanwhile the Wikileaks release of the John Podesta email indicated that Chelsea has treated the Clinton Foundation as a source of entitlement.
And we now know that the FBI has at least three and probably more investigations relating to Ms. Clinton’s corruption.  There is the ongoing email scandal.  There is an active investigation relating to the Clinton Foundation and Ms. Clinton’s conduct during her term as Secretary of State.  There is an active investigation relating to Ms. Clinton’s possible perjury before various House committees.  And the Weiner investigation now indicates that he had access to virtually all of the correspondence between Ms. Clinton and Ms. Abedin and Ms. Abedin and others (including the Clinton Foundation) during their times as the State Department.
All of this is a reminder of what the atmosphere will be like should Ms. Clinton be elected President – a fact which current polls seem to indicate will happen despite the unending scandals.  And “atmosphere” counts.  When the nation observes that the rich and powerful, the politically connected, can act in the most abhorrent manner with virtual impunity, the moral temperament suffers.  We are a nation of laws that exists primarily through the voluntary efforts of our citizens to obey those laws.  As it becomes apparent that the politicians are treated differently, the raison d’être for voluntary conformance by the masses dissipates.  This has been anticipated by those who predict the eventual ruin of America’s great democratic experiment.