Lars Larson: Is our homeland any safer?

Remember all those years during the Bush Administration? There were attacks by Al-Qaeda on foreign soil but after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania, none on our own soil.

Well, that appears to be changing. The Christmas Day bomber, Ft. Hood, Major Hasan and now we’ve got the two mystery flyers who were arrested in Amsterdam.

We don’t know much about them. Muslims names—that’s one clue, luggage with what appear to be fake or mock bombs packed inside and bulky clothing. There is a lot of other weirdness, like cell phones taped together.

It might be a dry run. It might be the real-deal. It might just be that the Obama Administration is not very good at spotting this stuff until the guys have already gotten on board the planes.

That is having exactly the kind of affect the terrorists hoped that it would have.

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