Congress Poll: Schrader losing over Bruun

Congress Poll: Schrader losing over Bruun
From Scott Bruun Campaign

Yet another poll shows Congressman Kurt Schrader posting weak numbers and provides encouraging news for State Rep. Scott Bruun. The recent poll taken for the American Action Network shows voters in Oregon’s 5th district are increasingly dissatisfied with the first-term incumbent and are inclined to favor a Republican candidate in this year’s election.

Here are the key take-aways from this poll:

– Only 32% of voters are inclined to re-elect Kurt Schrader, while 44% say they favor giving a new person a chance.
– Undecided voters favor a new person 40% to 2%.
– Independent voters favor a Republican candidate 30% to 23%.
– The generic ballot among “absolutely certain” voters provides Republicans a wider margin 40% to 35%
– Voters undecided between Bruun and Schrader favor a Republican by better than a 2 to 1 margin.
– Support for Bruun is also likely understated in that the poll failed to list that Bruun is the Republican and Independent party nominee.

“These reports continue to show what we’ve known for some time—Oregonians are tired of Democrats’ out-of-control spending and don’t want to settle for the reckless agenda of this Congress. Kurt Schrader has failed to bring much-needed jobs to Oregon and instead has worked right alongside Nancy Pelosi to strap Oregonians with debt that will take generations to pay off. Voters will make a choice this November, and numbers like this prove that extending Pelosi’s reign of irresponsible spending and failed policies is not the choice that Oregonians will make.” –Alee Lockman, Scott Bruun for Congress spokeswoman