Oddball & dumb Oregon measures on local ballots

vote-ballotTaxpayer Association of Oregon PAC,

Don’t the galactic-sized Measure 97 and historic number of statewide races on the ballot divert your attention from the dumb ballot measures being proposed by city and county governments.

Lake Oswego 3-451 – Creates government funded broadband – Despite a long history of failed and costly government broadband funding meltdowns across the entire nation, it appears that Lake Oswego wants its chance to dump tax dollars into this boondoggle.

Multnomah County – 26-181 – Weaken term limits.  Apparently Multnomah County thinks the answer to our problems is electing more of the same politicians more often.

Multnomah County – 26-184 – Limit campaign contributions.   Despite nearly 90% re-election of incumbents, the politicians now want to make it closer to a 100% re-election rate by removing any challengers through eliminating their ability to raise money (which is often the only way one can unseat an incumbent).    Incumbent politicians already have all the free media and taxpayer funded self-promotions of their office which gives them an advantage — an advantage magnified if you cap how much candidates can spend.

Ashland 15-156 – Food and beverage tax to fund street repairs.   It is a goofy and unrelated as it sounds.