• Bob Clark

    I like it. It’s got the Rocky sports beat like music. I think Dudley should put it on the TV instead of just U tube. Because it’s fun. It says lets get it on. Maybe Dudley can arm wrestle Kitzhaber. Dudley the basketball pounder against the wine tasting, limousine riding, gone fishing Kitzhaber.

    More grit like this, and less Kitz.

    • Anonymous

      “Dudley the basketball pounder against the wine tasting, limousine riding, gone fishing Kitzhaber.”

      I’m always amused when Republicans start tossing the “elitist” label around. You don’t think The Dud drinks wine and rides in limos? You think he drives a rust-eaten pickup and lives in a single-wide in Lake Oswego, maybe?

      The Dud probably could beat Kitz at arm-wrestling (Kitz is 63, after all) but he was not exactly Hall of Fame material in the NBA.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >I’m always amused when Republicans start tossing the “elitist” label around.

        Probably not as amused as Republicans who will likely be able to walk right into control of the House without even lifting a finger due to the public holding precisely that view of Democrats right now.

        No one thinks Dudley is riding around in a beat up truck. However it is increasingly unarguable that the public views Democrats as elitist in that they appear completely out of touch with the economic realities facing the nation.

        We have all spent the summer watching Obama whooping it up on his astonishingly frequent vacations. With this behavior he has displayed greater concern for lobster dinners and private jets for the dog than he apparently feels for the economic conditions of the people and the nation.

        We all saw wife Marie’s jaunt off to Spain, legendary entourage in tow. Few were impressed with the massive costs of her travel, born by the taxpayer and her devil may care attitude about it.

        We all saw Democrats devote scant moments of thought to a notoriously wasteful stimulus plan, then obsess for a solid year over how to pass an unpopular health care bill.

        The point is the economy and spending are the issue, to the extent that Democrats have been viewed as completely out of touch on that fact then yes, the elitist label fits to a T.

        If Democrats could have taken just a moment and at the very least decreased market uncertainty it might have mitigated the elitist, in the sense of out of touch, assessment of them. Instead Democrats sat around pondering why business is hoarding money rather than hiring. The answer would be obvious to most – business is scared to death about taxes increasing massively next year, and the costs of Obama care. To not understand that is to demonstrate an obliviousness to the obvious befitting the label elitist.

        You can think Democrats are not viewed as elitist in the sense they are out of touch, but the mood in the country for the coming election would refute that.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I think overall its a good ad. It makes some good points. I think the tax angle, Kitzhaber living in Washington vs. Dudleys tax payments in that time is good.

    However this does need some serious editing. You Tube is all well and good, as you aren’t paying for the broadcast time. However that doesn’t mean that editing should go out the window.

    I would take this ad as is and cut down on some of the transition/flying slogan time. They leave these awkward long pauses in what otherwise could be an ad with great pacing.