The Hill: Dems hit new low in state legislatures

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by NW Spotlight

The Hill reported this week on the significant Democratic legislative losses under President Obama.

The Hill reports “The Democratic Party will hit a new nadir in state legislative seats after suffering more losses in November’s elections, highlighting the devastation up and down the party across the nation.”

The Hill also notes “Beginning next year, Republicans will control 67 of the 98 partisan legislative chambers,” and “Since Obama took office, Republicans have captured control of 27 state legislative chambers Democrats held after the 2008 elections. The GOP now controls the most legislative seats it has held since the founding of the party.”

The Hill also reported on states where one party controls both the state senate and state house, as well as the governorship. Next year “Republicans will control both chambers of the state legislature and governorships in 24 states. Democrats will hold total control in only 5 states — Hawaii, California, Oregon, Connecticut and Rhode Island.”