Portland Cut Taxes! Praise for City Council.

In a unanimous 5-0 vote, Portland City Council voted to reform the Business Income Tax and make it fairer to small businesses. The Taxpayer Association extends hearty praise and genuine thanks to the whole Portland Council from Sam Adams to Erik Sten to Tom Potter to Dan Saltzman to Randy Leonard. This was no small matter either, as the city is forecasting to lose $3 million from the change (although true dynamic forecasting may show $3million in new revenue from increased business) The reform was so popular that even the twelve people from the public who showed up to testify (including liberals like Amanda Fritz) supported the plan.

There were lots of people who helped create this victory, and the one we saw work his heart and soul out was Dave Lister. Lister sacrificed of his time, his business, his money and his sanity to score this needful win for struggling small businesses. Lister may have knocked a few months off of his life due to stress, but we got a tax cut!

The reform changes helped to eliminate inequities that allowed big business to be under-taxed and small businesses to be over-taxed. The ordinance raised the corporate deduction from $50,000 to $80,000, raised the threshold for which the tax applies from $25,000 to $50,000, and changed the formula on how larger businesses get taxed. In the end, fainess ruled the day, Portland be thanked.

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  • Jerry

    Finally, but the stupid tax should never have been in place to begin with, so let’s not heap too much praise.

    • Thanks Jerry!
      Like Rocky Balboa, I led with my face an awful lot. But I did get half as many votes as Ginny Burdick with 1/4 of her money.

  • Bob Clark

    Thanks, Dave Lister! I’d vote for Dave again if he should like the pain of running for Portland City Council. Kind of like Rocky Balboa. You got pretty bloody last May but hey you’re still fighting.

  • Dylan Amo

    Excellent point Bob!

    I think we can thank Dave (and all the businesses that spoke on the issue) for this accomplishment. But I hope this is a lesson that Portland and Multnomah County isn’t lost … running, even in a losing effort, for office can bring change when new voices are introduced to the debate.

  • chris McMullen

    I think it’s hypocritical of all the uber-liberals on the city council to support reduced taxes. I thought taxes couldn’t be too high for the left.

    • Brian

      perhaps they are more open minded than you think. including more open minded than you on fiscal matters

      • chris mcmullen

        I will continue to be skeptical of any CoP council agendas. Why are they lowering taxes on ‘small’ business, but support raising taxes on individuals?

        Can you say cell phone or city-wide income tax, Brain?

  • nme

    Dave’s effort shows that if you word hard and make a solid case, you can get things done. Oregon needs more winners, less whiners.

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