New Dudley ad counters Kitzhaber attack

Now starts the fast paced back and forth ads of the campaigns. The latest is the Oregon governor cnadidate Chris Dudley new video ad that is in response to Democrat canidate John Ktzhaber’s negative ad. See governor candidate ad below:

  • Anonymous

    I get my TV by satellite. The only place I could see a commercial for an Oregon candidate is on one of the networks, which I almost never watch because I have channels like HBO. When I do watch a network program, I record it with my DVR and fast forward through the commercials.

    Candidates need to seriously consider new ways to get their messages across!

  • Me Crush

    Wow, did the Incredible Hulk write this blog post, or what?

  • telefriend

    You’re darn right it’s time for a new direction…and Oregon deserves nothing less than a constitutional _reversal_ of the duopoly’s stranglehold on Oregon politics.

    The Oregon Republican Party’s platform is unashamedly pro-life, from conception to natural death, but Chris Dudley can’t attract a pro-life endorsement to save his RINO bacon…and what’s with the college-scholarship handouts coming from a “conservative” when there’s no money to hand out?

    What Oregonians need right now is the most _Constitutional_ candidate, not the least Progressive one.