Schrader TV comment: Faltering on the stimulus

A year ago on KGW-TV Kurt Schrader gave the stimulus a ranking of a “nine.” (link here). He said ““I give it a nine. There’s jobs being created and retained like never before… This is what the government is supposed to do for you.”

Fast forward to last weekend on Straight Talk, Kurt Schrader had second thoughts and said he’d now give the stimulus an “eight.” Schrader said, “I’d probably still give it at least an eight or so. I would have liked things to roll out a little quicker. I’d have liked to be out of the recession a little sooner.”

Alee Lockman, spokeswoman for the Scott Bruun for Congress campaign said “Kurt Schrader has finally realized his support of the failed stimulus is going to cost him votes this fall. Oregonians would like to be out of the recession a little sooner too, but unlike Schrader, they aren’t placing their hope in more government spending and Nancy Pelosi. As Oregonians become increasingly dissatisfied with the failures of the stimulus and the mounting deficit, will Kurt Schrader’s rating of the stimulus continue to decrease?”