Newspaper error? Dudley due more credit

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What The Oregonian said:

(on Dudley residency story) “he had still been using the house. They said they found clothes, sports equipment and food in the refrigerator”.

Radio Bill Post responds:
I have spoken to that very owner of that very house. His name is Lee Cory, a Portland area businessman. Here is what he told me: “I never made the statement that was printed i.e. that ” he had still been using the house”. I said: “it was clear that he had lived there.” Big difference, meaning, at some point in the past, but we did not know when. Bill, what’s troubling is the fact that I made them read back to me what was to be the exact quote that was going to be printed and they still couldn’t get it right. I asked him why they found this to be important or even of interest to anyone, and they really didn’t have much of an answer. I even suggest that they quote me on, or write the real story about why thousands of families do the same thing every year, which at that point at pretty much ended the interview”.

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