The Republican Party is Dead.

Goodbye. Farewell. So long. Hasta luego.

The sad display of the tired, old, out-of-touch, feeble, eviscerated, brain-dead, oafish, thick-witted, witless, moronic, vacuous, self-centered Republican guard standing tall against Christine O’Donnell spelled the end of the Grand Old Party.

Those who said she could not win were fools. Those who say she now cannot win are fools. They don’t know she can’t win. They don’t much or they would not have come out against her. They don’t know much about anything anymore as they are now wrong far more than they are right. They are ignorant and impotent and soon will become irrelevant.

Here is what to do about the dying Republican Party.

1. If they tell you to vote for someone, vote for someone else.
2. If they ask you for money, send it instead to the Tea Party or Wounded Warriors.
3. If they send you any mail with postage paid return envelopes, stuff them as full and as heavy as you can and send them back.
4. If they tell you anything simply ignore them because they will be proven wrong.
5. Laugh at them. Everyone else is. You may as well have some fun.

They are dead wrong and are officially over.

It wasn’t even fun while it lasted.

Vote with your heart and your mind – not with the party. That is the only way to reclaim America.