• Bob Clark

    This is uplifting after the Riley poll which seem to come out of nowhere considering Rasmussen had Dudley up by 5% just about the same as this Poll.

  • Pinkie French

    Glad to see Dudley doing so well…I hope he can maintain the momentum. Huffman better get it together and start countering Wyden or it is over for him. Nice guys finish last in the business of politics… this is a sport where they eat their own.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    The Wyden race is so ridiculous. Well, I guess its more that Wyden is ridiculous.

    The guy votes for Obama care then tries to get Oregon exempted from the essential provision of it. He says he represents Oregon but his living situation belies the truth.

    Really, for Wyden, its simply about being in the Senate. He likes the perks and trappings of office. For Wyden, Oregon has all the significance of a club card to get into the disco. Our state is simply a means to an end for him.

    His last minute attempt to get us exempted from Obama care is laudable. However it does make you wonder what vacation retreat brochure occupied the Senators mind when the original vote for Obama care took place.

    • Kate Adams

      I could not agree more. Now we have to get Jim Huffman’s name out there. Wear a Jim Huffman button everywhere you go. Put a bumper sticker on your vehicle window. Send him money so that he can get his message on television, the source of most peoples decisions about political candidates. Even if it’s only $5, help Jim Huffman so that we Oregonians will have a true representative in the U.S. Senate.

      • Casey

        Exactly Kate. It’s time for everyone who believes in the Constitution and thinks that maybe, just maybe 29 years is too long to be in government start talking to their friends about Jim Huffman. This guy is working harder than any other candidate in Oregon. Find your local GOP office or Huffman HQ and pick up some materials to hand out. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.

        Go on a canvassing walk and get a tshirt, wear it everywhere you go. We can beat Wyden’s union funded campaign.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll tell you, in Lane County and south, there are signs all over the rural areas for Art Robinson for Congress. Even a few in Eugene. Signs for Dudley. But if I’ve seen one for Huffman, I, uh, didn’t see it. The guy is invisible.