Lars Larson: The Republican Party better start listening

I think it’s time the Republican Party woke up and realized the people want something different than what they’ve been offering.

The Party got quite a lesson in Christine O’Donnell. She ran for the U.S. Senate in Delaware as a Republican against the opposition of the Republican Party. Get that? She ran as a Republican and the Republican Party opposed her candidacy.

Guess what Republican voters did? They chose her as the nominee over the choice of the Party.
They chose her over the Rhino Republican Mike Castle. He was the former Governor of the state of Delaware. Apparently voters didn’t think much of him, to choose him as the nominee. They chose Christine O’Donnell.

Initially the Party said, “We’re not going to support her”. They had to turn tail on that.

The Republican Party had best wake up and smell the coffee. They better listen to what the voters are saying or they are going to be in the dust bin of history.

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