Straw Poll: Casino Measure 75: No 61%, Yes 39%

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon sent a straw poll mail ballot to involved taxpayers in August. The poll gave people the ballot titles and Yes/No statements on the Oregon casino measure 75 to see how people might vote by first impression before the campaign started. The straw poll results show that 61% oppose the casino measure and 39% support the casino measure.

Yes……. 151 39%
No…….. 322 61%

Here is the Measure 75 ballot title and language.

Authorizes Multnomah County casino; casino to contribute monthly revenue percentage to state for specified purposes:
YES VOTE: authorizes a single privately owned casino in Multnomah County; requires casino to give percentage of revenue to State Lottery for specified purposes. NO VOTE: maintains the current state of the law, which does not authorizes any privately -owned casino or casinos anywhere in the State of Oregon.