Senator Whitsett: More budget errors

No long term plan for budget trajectory
By Senator Doug Whitsett

Salem, OR – Senator Doug Whitsett (R-Klamath Falls) issued the following statement regarding today’s Emergency Board action and a letter issued from Senate President Peter Courtney and House Speaker Dave Hunt.

“Today’s Emergency Board actions are good stop-gap measures to protect some of our most important priorities. However, it is deeply disturbing that there remains no contingency plan to deal with the frightening trajectory of our revenue projections. For nine straight quarters Oregon has seen a drop in revenue. The rate of decline is accelerating. We must have a comprehensive plan to deal with future shortfalls in this budget cycle and even greater gaps in the next budget. Today’s actions are temporary adjustments. The needed action is a comprehensive restructuring of the entire budget. There remains a need for greater vision and leadership that plans beyond the immediate and into the future.”