Video: Kitzhaber filming skirmish, Defazio slams Obama

Kitzhaber skirmish:A video of a citizen filming Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber speech is getting some national conservative attention for how he was treated. See video here.

DeFazio Blasts Obama:
– DeFazio speaks elation over Summers exit, shouts victory.

  • anon

    So, Peter is a little upset because Obama hires people who support Wall Street. Peter wants Obama to get back to his “roots.”

    Peter, who was the last Democratic president who did NOT hire people who supported Wall Street?

    Think about that one, Peter. Maybe even someday you too will become a Tea-Party supporter.

  • Pinkie French

    Funny thing is Mr. Defazio thinks Obama is a “pure” democrate… like ‘him.’ Now that is funny.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I have kind of had it with DeFazio. I voted for him the last time because frankly he is one of the few Democrats that whenever I hear him take a position, he more often than not has logical rather than emotional reason for doing so. I also supported him because he was generally pro second amendment, or at least as good as one would get in this district.

    Last summer one of the Tea Part events I went to was a DeFazio town hall. I admired Defazio for three things. The first was rather than hold his town hall in the small library it was scheduled for, he moved the entire thing into the parking lot. This was because attendance had overwhelmed capacity of the library due to the Tea Parties promotion of the event. DeFazio didn’t have to do that and I thought it was a good thing he did.

    The second was DeFazio controlled that town hall in a thoughtful, respectful and orderly manner. He let everyone who wanted to speak, speak, and he listened, addressed their issues in a logical manner.

    The third was he concluded the meeting with what he thought was the central theme of the attendees. He said “ok, the one thing I am getting here is some people support Obama care, some do not, but regardless of the support, the thing I am getting here is you want it paid for, not added to the deficit”

    That seemed like a solid position to me. I disagreed with the basic concept of adding yet another entitlement but if one was going to then seeing that it was paid for seemed an intellectually honest position. Given the history of entitlements being a source of bankruptcy for our country, I would have thought that DeFazio would have looked at this aspect of Obama care in a far more rigorous fashion than he obviously did.

    Clearly he didn’t, as DeFazio wound up voting for the bill which used ten years of tax revenues to pay for six years of benefits.

    Now even DeFazio is running ads on TV touting his record of opposition to Obama policies. It would have been nice if DeFazio could have been a little more principled and considered the country rather than party unity when it came to Obama care.

    • valley p

      “Clearly he didn’t, as DeFazio wound up voting for the bill which used ten years of tax revenues to pay for six years of benefits.”

      Factually wrong. New taxes only pay a part of the bill. Medicare spending cuts pay for much of it. Both the cuts and the benefits are phased in over time. The CBO estimate is that the surplus from the health care bill INCREASES after the first 10 years, which means that the bill is more than paid for.

      You admire Defazio for being logical…great. Try some logic on your self. Look up the CBO estimates on the bill, look at how the savings AND benefits are phased in, and draw a non-emotional conclusion. Here is your chance.

      And while you are at it study the Congressional Republican “pledge.” Do some math on that one and see what you get.

  • Joe Stecklein

    The careeer politician Defazio, will say anything to help further along his re-election. It would be interesting to see a REAL debate between Defazio and Robinson on equal terms, but he Defazio, does not have the balls to face someone who has the capability to totally destroy his progressive viewpoint. He is an intellectual pipsqueak compared to Art Robinson and that is why there will be no debate. Oregon voters deserve better!

  • skippy

    Robinson is Sarah Palin in pants.

    • Joe Stecklein

      And that is a good thing!

  • Anonymous

    There’s no excuse for roughing up the guy with the video camera at the Kitzhaber event, but somebody should tell him that the First Amendment does not give him the right to film whatever he wants, wherever he wants.