State Hispanic Affairs Member Makes Inflamatory Statement

One of the State’s Hispanic Affiars Commission members made an outragous comment in the Statesman Journal today.

“They’re trying to be attentive to their conservative base. Why else would they bring this up?” asked David Molina, a Beaverton businessman who sits on the Oregon Commission for Hispanic Affairs….Why then English only? Because it allows racists and nativists to pursue their dirty business with the plausible denial that they are not advocating discrimination, only Americanism,” Molina said.”

This was in response to Rep. Donna Nelson’s legislation to make english the official language of Oregon. For a citizen serving in a public leadership role designed to improve relations among ethnic communites, his words were highly political and slanderous.

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  • Captain_Anon

    i think people use the inflamitory words of discrimination, bigotry, and racism as a way to scare people into submission. no one wants to have those words thrown at them for fear that people rarely use critical thinking to question whether or not it’s true. and sadly, when those words are used, people usually jump on the bandwagon without every looking at the situation for the truth. How is it discriminitory to have English as the official language as many states do? it’s not. just means that it is recognized that English is our official language. people can still speak spanic, hmong, mandarain, thai or whatever in thier daily lives. Spanish speakers can still even speak spanish to those who know it at government offices. however, it does put the burden on them to know enough english in case there isn’t a spanish speaker in the office because the gov isn’t required to provide translation service.

  • It’s not a bad thing to want one clear language as the operational language of the state. It is, of course, the defacto one, but with the multi culti becoming the rage there appears to be some confusion about it. We’ll talk about this once again on my show tonight.
    I hope you’ll chime in with your thoughts.

  • Jerry

    There is nothing wrong whatsoever with having English as the official language of the state.
    In other words:
    أرى مخطئا يضطر إنجليزيا مثل اللغة الرسمية أوريغون مع لا شيء.

  • Jeri

    Or, how about:
    Je ne vois rien mal avec avoir anglais comme langue officielle d’Oregon.

  • Jerry

    Or even better:
    Я ничего не смотрю неправильный с имеющим английский как официальный язык Орегона.

  • Richard

    All this is one collectivist insulting another collectivist. Conservative has forgot the America is founded on the principals of individual liberty not collectivism. Both left leaning multiculturalists and the (so called conservative) restrictionist mono-culturalists are equally wrong. I am look at you MS. Victoria Taff. First of all there is no such thing as group rights. Only individuals have rights also government only duty is to protect its citizens against force and fraud against ones body or property not to impose language or cultural standards. It is one thing to English is our standard operating procedure but English only goes way to far.

  • cut2it

    Why does this state even have an Oregon Commission for Hispanic Affairs???
    That’s a “no brainer” – to promote racism.
    America isn’t good enough for them to become American’s in – they want to stay chicano – and make us lump it!

  • I had ancestors here before any English-speakers arrived uninvited. I still have relatives who speak their indigenous languages. Europeans were the invaders and are the occupiers—still.

    I couldn’t agree more with Mr Molina.

  • Anonymous

    Donna Nelson used to serve on the Commission for Hispanic Affairs, by the way…

  • Jonathan Kloor

    If this gentleman is not removed immediatly… and I agree why the hell does our state have a hispanic afairs commission. Do we have Chinese/Japanese/Eurpoean/Russian/Ukrainan/SouthAmerican/ North Pole Commissions. i sure hope not, you get the point.

    Its so easy for this dirtbag to label us as racist. Whatrever Moron!

  • Steve

    All illegals should be deported, our borders should be secured and all future legal immigrants should be required to take english classes as a condition for citizenship…………..basically the same requirements there have always been for “Legal Immigrants”.

  • The point remains thus: English is not the indigenous language of what is now the U.S.. English has been used only the last…400 years; for at least 10,000 years b.c.e., other languages were spoken. In fact as far as Spanish goes, people were speaking Spanish within what’s now the U.S. Fifty or sixty years before Jamestown. For such late-comers as Anglo-Americans to demand their imported language be made mandatory is simply arrogance.

    Remember: the Pilgrims were the original “boat people.”


    Wow, I never thought I’d read something as ignorant and without merit as the #12 statement. Much of it is true mind you but the point he’s trying to make is silly, wouldn’t have been 400 years ago but this isn’t 400 years ago. Live in the now.

  • Crawdude (#13) said my post was (among other things!) ignorant. I don’t understand how. It is arrogance to demand the language of late-comers be made mandatoy. There is nothing un-American about multi-culturalism.

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