Video: NY Gov. Patterson on SNL

Saturday Night Live got heat from advocates for the blind for making fun of New York Governor’s blindess. Now the governor showed up on the set for a skit. Have the blind jokes been corrected or worsened? You decide.

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  • Founding Fathers

    “teh govvernro”

    More teabonics at work!

    Here’s a hint — proofreading, it’s a wonderful thing.

  • Founding Fathers

    3 of 39 words misspelled. Of course, if Lars Larson got 36 of 39 facts right, it would be a career day.

  • davidg

    Liberals created the concept of “politically correct” because they didn’t know how to be funny and were jealous of those who were. Paterson reminds us that the “victims” of good humor don’t have to bawl about it.

    “Buck-up”, people! Even Joe Biden should understand that.

  • Founding Fathers

    Actually, David, radicals created the concept of “politically correct”, and it was mostly an inside joke, as in “I enjoy , even though it’s not ‘politically correct’.”

    Then conservatives overheard it, and didn’t understand that it was a joke.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Oh conservatives got that it was a joke. They did know the establishment (the term was not used by radicals, it was used by entrenched liberals at first on college campus’s who saw it as funny they were now the ones in a position of power over protected classes of people)

      True, to a liberal the term is a joke. To those whose careers they delighted in ruining it wasn’t too funny. This is why Bush1, the first major politician to address the totalitarian aspect of it, warned about it in a press conference decades ago.

      • valley p

        Totalitarian? It sure doesn’t take much for you to reach for your favorite toy.

        I suppose we should just go back to the good ole days when ethnic minorities, women, and those with non-mainstream sexual preferences could be dealt with in public with crude slurs. That would certainly save us from the inevitable totalitarian future when liberals, including your own wife from your description, take over once and for all.

      • Founding Fathers

        Rupert, you clearly either weren’t there or weren’t paying attention.

        Kind of like now.

  • Founding Fathers

    Funny, Rupert talks about political correctness being “totalitarian”, but he doesn’t seem to object to the totalitarian political correctness of the right that seeks to deny a building permit based on the religion of the group involved, seeks to prevent access to marriage, the military, and even high school proms by gay people, and seeks to put people in jail because they choose the wrong recreational drugs.

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