Lars Larson: The crazy Obama Health Care tax policy

Just when you thought the IRS requirements couldn’t get any more onerous, they are getting worse.

You’ve heard about the 1099 reporting requirements included in the Obama health care bill. It comes with its own tax policy and it’s a crazy one. It’s going to generate billions and billions of new forms that will need to be handled by everyone who buys something that is business related.

Congress has now given a bill to President Obama that expands the IRS Form 1099. It requires that everyone who owns rental property must issue 1099 forms. That is absolutely nuts. The 10 million people who now get income from rental property are going to have to fill out paperwork on each expenditure they make on that property.

It’s more billions of forms which guarantees the Obama administration more billions of employees. Don’t you just love the ObamaNation?

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  • valley p

    Of course, what Lars doesn’t mention is that small businesses and sole proprietors get tax credits for providing insurance to workers, and they get to buy insurance through national pools instead of being restricted to very few in state choices, So they have to do a better job of reporting expenditures. Its a quid pro quo.

    • Steve Plunk

      The idea that 1099’s have anything to do national insurance pools is ridiculous. These new rules are merely and example of congress passing a bill they didn’t read and certainly didn’t understand. We have been forsaken by Dems who would pass whatever their leadership served up. That’s the Obama, Pelosi, Reid, way of doing things.

      • sybella

        The whole idea is just another way of tracking our money and what we do with it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the people making these laws, haven’t got a clue how a business runs. I’m hanging in there, it will go away. That will be a nightmare if it doesn’t. The writers of that law don’t understand business is not there to cheat the government, more likely we feel the government is cheating us.

    • mary

      Idiot! What the heck does ‘insurance to workers’ have to do with the flippen article? Sorry you are not able to read and comprehend. But than, that is the causualty of the ‘Progressive’ education system. You are a graduate and a prime example of the, ‘ Dummy up America’ educational system.

      • Sybella

        That’s because he doesn’t have a clue. You said it, Go girl.

      • valley p

        “Idiot! What the heck does ‘insurance to workers’ have to do with the flippen article?”

        The article is about a provision in the Health Care Bill. Making it easier to provide insurance to workers for small businesses was a big part of the bill. The provision Lars complains about is one of the trade offs.

        You must have gone to Rupert’s feeble name calling school. Graduate with honors did you?

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