Oregon football politics: Dudley, Schrader.

By NW Spotlight,

I went to the Beaver game this weekend and one could not escape the politics. Cheers in the pre-game parking lot drew my attention to a crowd of television reporters following Chris Dudley touring through the tailgaters. It was genuine moment watching the football fans applaud Dudley walking by. Dudley then scooted off to Auzten stadium. On the I-5 highway I saw this negative Kurt Schrader billboard linking Schrader to Nancy Pelosi and the hot button statements “Failed stimulus”, “Gov’t. Health care takeover” and “Out of control spending”. On a political travel tally of bumper stickers Democrats beat Republicans 10 to one.

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  • Mike

    Most Republicans and Independent/non-affiliated voters purposely avoid bumper stickers on their vehicles.

    That way the vehicles won’t get keyed, like some that were damaged in the Pearl and other places during the 2008 election.

    A small minority of supporters of Democratic candidates tarnish many by resorting to such vandalism. Whatever happened to civility?

    Though, it is finally good to see that most Kerry bumper stickers have finally been removed!

  • Bob Clark

    There are still some cars in my neighborhood with the Kerry / Edwards bumper stickers. I feel like saying to the folks owning these cars, “Wow, Edwards was sure some gem.” Sadly, many of my Multnomah county neighbors vote for frauds like this.

    Chris seems to be pounding the pavement more so than Kitzahber. This is a good sign. I don’t think Saxton or Manix worked to get out amongst people as Chris has done. Kitzhaber is pretty smart but significant parts of his smarts is wrong headed. This is why I think William Buckley said he “would rather have the first 15 names in the phone book govern” (than say those touted by academia and the media). There was some interesting research done about smarts. Seems smarts can back fire on folks, because it allows them to convince themselves of things they might otherwise shrug off as being unknowable.

    Go Dudley do Right!

  • Ralph

    Just remember, when you see a hippie in a Volvo they are driving a Ford.
    Or at least they were for awhile.
    Kind of funny when you think about it.
    Safe as a Pinto.
    Saab is the only vehicle left for the lefties.
    I saw this on a car the other day – the license plate frame said “My other car is a Kirby”

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