Straw Poll on Marijuana Measure 74

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

The Taxpayer Association of Oregon sent a straw poll mail ballot to involved taxpayers in August to show people’s first impression of the ballot measure title and statement.

Ballot Measure 74
Yes – 21% (105),
No – 79% (385)
Total = 490

BALLOT TITLE: Establishes Medical Marijuana Supply System and Assistance and Research Programs; Allows Limited Selling Of Marijuana.
YES Vote: “Yes” vote establishes supply system, low income assistance program for medical marijuana cardholders; established research program; grants limited state regulation authority; allows limited marijuana sales.
NO vote: “No” vote retains current law without: supply or assistance programs for medical marijuana cardholders, or authorization for state organized scientific programs.

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  • Marvin McConoughey

    Wow! A nearly four to one straw vote against the pot pushing Measure 74. The lesson is this: Never ask for a fight that you can’t win.

  • fredamae

    It would seem tax payers don’t understand this will Bring In a Lot of NEW Revenue to the State! Literally Million’s.
    It Costs Tax Payer’s, NOTHING.
    M74 will ultimately Lower Crime, more budget dollar savings.

  • Anthony Johnson

    While I understand that Measure 74 doesn’t seem conservative at first glance, I believe that many conservatives will vote yes on Measure 74 because it actually promotes many conservative ideals. First and foremost, it promotes individual liberty and freedom. Measure 74 allows individual patients to make a medical decision between them and their doctor. No longer, will elderly patients be forced to rely upon the charity of others–they will be able to acquire their medicine on their own, if they so choose. Next, it creates jobs by giving entrepreneurs the ability to operate a safe and needed business of their choice. And finally, it raises revenue for the state without costing taxpayers a penny. The money raised will fund medical research that can help develop new medicines that will help patients who would not even think about using medical marijuana.

    Please learn about this Measure and you may very well agree with the Oregon Citizens’ Review Board, that, “Measure 74 creates a safe, compassionate and prompt access program for Oregon medical marijuana patients, introduces regulation, and is financially sound.”

    Yes on 74! Vote Freedom. Vote Compassion. Vote Revenue. Vote Jobs.

    • John Sajo

      I never understood how conservatives who claim to favor limited government support government intrusion into the most personal of all decisions – a patient’s choice to use a medicinal plant to relieve their suffering. Marijuana is a safe effective medicine when used appropriately. Over 3400 different Oregon doctors have qualified their patients for medical marijuana. Why shouldn’t their patients be able to buy the best quality controlled, dosage labelled formulations of marijuana that can help them.

      It is also strange that conservatives would want to maintain a situation where it is easy for high school kids to get marijuana but difficult for the sick and dying patients.

      I guess conservatives are so opposed to “government regulation” that they prefer the totally unregulated system where patients now obtain medical marijuana.

  • valley p

    So much for conservatives favoring individual freedom. I think we can put that myth to rest once and for all.

    • Steve Plunk

      Individual freedoms must be weighed against societal costs. Should we legalize heroin? No, the societal costs are too high. Many conservatives see societal costs as too high for marijuana as well. It’s a reasonable fear that is not in conflict with conservative principles. There is also the fear of unintended consequences from the creeping legalization.

      There is no doubt there are legitimate users but there are also abuses going on. I think the state should first establish it’s ability to properly manage the current system before we expand it. Presently we are just playing games with the issue. Some people want full legalization and some don’t but I see many in favor of legalization just using the sick as a tool to get their dope.

      So sorry valley p, your attempt to malign conservatives failed.

      • bill

        how you compare heroin and marijuana is incredulous. don’t you read at all. second, the jury’s in. marijuana is the political platform from a puritan tobacco culture of repression to a free for all sex orgy, right. am i right???? this is how you seem to portray weed. perhaps you should smoke a pall mall, drink some canadian club in a plastic bottle, and put it in a bag and give it to jesus. that would alleviate a lot of pain, don’t you think??

        when the price of marijuana and tomatoes become synonymous, as far as the repressed christian law is concerned, then we will have eliminated filthy fingers inflating the price of paridise. it took many decades to convince puritan repressed christians to accept the lowly tomato.

      • Brett

        Would like to point out that HEROIN, or pure opiates, ARE legal and used in many common mild to severe pain Relievers I.e. vicodin, percocet, Oxy contin, ect. So that just goes to show how flawed it is that anyone is opposed to such a harmless drug with so many benefits. My wife is an epileptic who had spent two years drugged out on strong anti seizure/convulsive medications which were devastating to here daily life. We moved to Oregon and she decided to try the medical marijuana for the first time. She now has been seizure free for a year and only dedicate at night right before sleep. It is a wonderful blessing and she can maintain a normal life because is this superb medicine. Not saying this works for everyone but for my wife it has improved her quality if life 10 fold, our only difficulty is finding quality medicine regularly as if she misses 1 night if medicating, she has a horrible next day. PLEASE VOTE YES ON MEASURE 74!

  • Marvin McConoughey

    John Sajo doesn’t understand “how conservatives who claim to favor limited government support government intrusion into the most personal of all decisions – a patient’s choice to use a medicinal plant to relieve their suffering. Marijuana is a safe effective medicine when used appropriately.”

    I can’t speak for conservatives but I can understand government intrusion into medications. Government sets purity standards, acts against untruthful advertising claims, and conducts or requires lengthy research into proposed medications. Thus, while some of our ancestors chewed certain barks for their varying painkilling powers, we can now buy aspirin whose strength is identified on each bottle. Few people get high from aspirin, so abuse is less common than if it made one euphoric. Aspirin was long thought very safe, but is now recognized through greater use and knowledge as having some hazardous risks.

    The getting high aspects of pot puts a lot of noise into discussions of why it is used so much, and how essential it truly is to the individual user’s health.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    This is so ridiculous. Could we please just sell marijuana because people want to smoke it and get away from this dopey medical marijuana farce?

    you know where you get medical marijuana? From a grower who has a card to grow. That card enables them to grow far more than the average medical marijuana patient smokes. Where does all the extra weed, chronic, dope, waky tabakky, reefer, go? Oh gee wizz I sure don’t know. I wonder why the price of pot has fallen so much in recent years due to the spread of these medical marijuana cards?

    The medical marijuana issue is so lame. I know more than a few people who have a card, no one has it for some pressing medical problem.

    One real conservative value that would be expressed in just legalizing the crap is that if you arent going to enforce a law it makes no sense to have it. Its a net negative to have a law that isnt enforced as all it does is breed contempt for the law in general.

    Step one – Legalize marijuana and stop playing pretend with the medical issue. Just let people smoke it and stop with the dopey jumping through the hoops medical BS which isn’t fooling anyone.

    Step two – Fight off the hordes of liberals who will be here complaining about Oregon taking over what is a Federal issue, the legality of drugs.

    Really the big thing with legalization of Marijuana is how do we pay for it?

    First there will be the lawsuits from the Obama administration due to Oregon taking on what is a Federal responsibility.

    Second there will be the boycotts by liberals for the same reason. Its what they did in Arizona after all. this will cause a decrease in revenue due to lost tourism dollars.

    How do we pay for these things? I don’t know and I dont care. Frankly I am getting real tired of this farce of medical marijuana though so I am willing to pay the price of the wrath of the liberals should it be legalized.

    • valley p

      “Step two – Fight off the hordes of liberals who will be here complaining about Oregon taking over what is a Federal issue, the legality of drugs. ”

      Uh…no I don’t think so. No hordes. No complaining from liberals. I speak for them. I promise we will not complain.

      “Second there will be the boycotts by liberals for the same reason. Its what they did in Arizona after all. this will cause a decrease in revenue due to lost tourism dollars.”

      No. Increased liberal tourism maybe. No boycotts. We tend to boycott racist, sexist, and anti-union measures, not expand individual rights measures.

      “I am willing to pay the price of the wrath of the liberals should it be legalized. ”

      The wrath of liberals. That is pretty funny. Based on the results of this poll, I think you will have to face the wrath of your own people Rupert. But in your reality challenged world, you may mistake one for the other.

      • Steve Plunk

        If there’s one thing I learned from the spotted owl controversy it’s that liberals are untrustworthy. When valley p says he speaks for liberals it means nothing. valley p may keep his word but other liberals will not. They are the ones who scream and complain at their demonstrations.

        I suppose the statement of valley p that liberals would support expanded individual rights, like not being forced to join a union, seemed off to many who read it. It’s because they don’t support that individual right, it hurts the union.

        The wrath of liberal environmentalists was on display a few years back with the arson of US forest headquarters, the arson of SUV’s in Eugene, and the spiking of trees. Iconic liberals such as Bill Ayers impressed us with bombings. It’s the conservatives who recognize the rule of law and what needs to be done to change it. A political movement that upends the status quo and restores the country is what’s needed and it seems more likely every day.

        Liberals have turned into nothing more than petulant children who demand respect before earning it and all the while showing no respect for others.

        • valley p

          “If there’s one thing I learned from the spotted owl controversy it’s that liberals are untrustworthy. ”

          Really? What trust did liberals break exactly? For 2 decades conservatives overcut national forests in the face of scientific evidence it would lead to the demise of the owl. Conservatives said don’t worry, the owl is fine, and anyway who cares? But you trust conservatives after that experience?

          “It’s the conservatives who recognize the rule of law and what needs to be done to change it. ”

          So Timothy McVeigh was a liberal? Interesting. And why not? Any reality will do around here.

          “Liberals have turned into nothing more than petulant children who demand respect before earning it and all the while showing no respect for others. ”

          I don’t know Steve. I think you just gave us a perfect description of Catalyst, Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, and the whole tea party nonsense. Resentful, petulant people whining about us liberal elitists who don’t respect them because they went to the wrong schools or live too far from one of our coasts. Pot…meet kettle.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Are all liberals such dullards?

      I was pointing out the utter vapidness of liberals on the issue of Federal responsibility. Obviously no one for a minute thinks liberals would actually boycott anything if marijuana was legalized.

      • valley p

        Yes Rupert, as their appointed representative here I can assure you every one of us is a dullard when it comes to understanding your logic.

    • Anonymous

      obama says he wont press charges on medical dispenser’s or growers for medical just a FYI buddy

    • Victor Lewis

      I recent returned from Amsterdam and boy what difference in attitude and no alcohol problems with young people. you can go to coffee shops and buy and smoke what you want. At the closing ceremonies, over 3000 people got together smoke drinking and having a very good time. No metal detectors or body search at the door. no violence at all. Oregon should take the example of Amsterdam. Our state is in the hole almost as bad as California. Yet, people refuse to acknowledge that there are no harmful effects. President Nixon spent 30 million dollars of taxpayer money to fund a study to prove harmful effects and when they could find none, He buried the results. Since the 1930’s the U.S. Government has spent millions of your tax dollars trying to enforce a law that should never have been made law. Including marijuana as a class one narcotic was ludicrous. Why would you continue this stupidity by voting no on measure 74? Legalize it! tax it! like we do beer and wine. get our state out of the hole. Elect Dudley and legalize POT. No one has ever died from smoking grass. But Kitzaber and Kulingoski have turned this state into a job no man’s land. We have always led the way let’s not stop now!

    • Patient “A”

      I’m not even going to address some of the stupid things you wrote. I am a patient, cardholder, IN LEGITIMATE NEED OF MEDICAL MARIJUANA!!!! Your “friends” the cardholders you know may be abusing the system, but what about all the terminal cancer patients, HIV patients, etc that the law was WRITTEN FOR???? It seems like you’re just pissed that you dont have a qualifying condition and you cant get a card??? People like you are the reason there is opposition to this law. I suppose if you were a CA resident you’d vote yes on 19 under the incorrect assumption that it meant all that good pot you smoke would be legal for you, a non-patient. Unfortunately, that is not the case. It would lower the quality of medicine, restrict access, and put it in the hands of big corps who can make deals with local govt. Not to mention pissing off the FEDS so they will enforce 0 tolerance!!!! This law (74) makes sense, as it allows for small (emphasis on small) non-profit orgs to get medicine to patients who need it and will allow for patients that have no resources (money or a space to grow) access to MEDICINE. I’m not a fan of heavy medicating with painkillers (which are addictive and horrible for your liver) so I use marijuana to help with chronic (no pun intended) pain and nausea from said pain. In a word, go get your illegal bud and enjoy it, but stay the fuck out of the medical debate if you’re not PART OF IT! You have a right to an opinion of course, but know your facts before you open your trap!

  • Impacts

    NO Limits, NO Boundaries, NO ON MEASURE 74

    Voters in Oregon were told the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program was for the sick/dying, less than 4% is for cancer. Over 88% is used for common pain. A single doctor is responsible for recommending approximately 35% of all medical marijuana cards, with ten doctors recommending 59% of all cards.

    Permissible locations for marijuana distribution centers would be located a ¼ mile away from schools and neighborhoods and centers and grow sites could be located near libraries, churches, youth clubs, parks, swimming pools, game arcades, and daycares.

    It would take thousands of DISTRIBUTION CENTERS and GROW SITES around the State of Oregon to provide the allowable pot for the current 36,380 cardholders, since the Act allows each center and grow site to possess 24 plants and 96 ounces of dried marijuana, which is the allowable total by law for 4 cardholders.

    GROW SITES can include marijuana grown in your neighbor’s yard or house. Indoor growing presents dangers because of toxic materials and high volumes of electricity increasing the potential for fires that would spread to neighboring homes, putting the community at risk. The smell of growing marijuana in growers back yards are stinking up neighborhoods around the State. Grow sites attract in home burglaries, robberies, and homicides which Oregon and other medical marijuana states are already experiencing.

    Center directors/employees and Grow Site Producers/employee’s must be an Oregon Resident, but no duration of previous residency is required, opening the door for hundreds of people to flood to Oregon.

    Felonies such as violence/theft within the last 5 years bars participation in a distribution center. Drug related offenses are not referenced, which means that any drug related felony criminal would be allowed to operate a center or grow site.

    There are thousands of legal marijuana growers in our State that are not inspected. M74 does nothing to reframe or control the existing program, as M74 will not infringe on a cardholder’s ability to produce their own marijuana or to designate a person responsible for a marijuana grow site, to do so for them. In home grows and existing caregiver growers will continue to go unregulated and unchecked continuing to create problems in our communities and cause law enforcement to have to divert their resources to deal with the existing abuses.

    Conflict and Confusion have been created with the current program because it has tried to circumvent the Food and Drug administration whose primary job has been to research marijuana for its medical value and have noted that there is currently no medical value in marijuana. Quality of Life is measured by safe and credible access for cardholders by following the correct channels that have been used in this Country for years when approving safe medicines.

    M74 instills fear and creates uncertainty for Oregon Voters because in 1998 they sold us a bill of goods and told us it was only for the sick and dying. Now 12 years later the current program is out of control!

    NO Limits, NO Boundaries, NO ON MEASURE 74

    • Patient “A”

      Right, if you say so… So, basically you’re saying that pot is only good for dying people? I thank god that the “qualifying conditions” have been expanded to allow patients like myself (broken neck, torn spinal cord & NOT DYING) a better quality of life. What about my 67 year old mother who is a patient now (FYBROMYALGIA)??? She went from taking 7 different pain and sleep medications to using a tiny amount of medical marijuana. So, instead of her MediCare supporting $6-700 a month in medication costs on your (taxpayers) dime, she grows a little pot to make her feel better. Explain to me how that is an excuse to legalize weed for your kids to smoke? How will that raise crime? Is someone going to scale the wall to my moms highrise apt and steal her little plant? You claim ‘hundreds” of people will flock here if they pass 74… Um people flock here anyway. Since 1950 the population in OREGON has risen 2.5 times THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE MOVE HERE EVERY YEAR!!!! 74 will bring revenue, period. 10% of all sales, plus reg fees. I’m not sure if you realize what that number could be. But by all means lets restrict access and complain that you were sold a “bag of tricks”. The current system is too vague and does not benefit anyone but the patients/growers. This one has $$$$$ attached to it, for Oregon, for the patients and for YOU as an Oregonian. Get real!!!!!

  • Scatcatpdx

    The problem is the dishonesty about measure 74; how recreational users are hiding behind the back of sick people in trying to legalize weed. In fact the was the request form petitioners along 82nd avenue.

    Pot is medicine not excuse for dopers.

  • Rational Voice

    Measure 74 is a step in the right direction.


  • Impacts

    NO Limits, NO Boundaries, NO on M74
    Opposed to the Measure 74
    “We, 11 members of the Citizens’ Initiative Review, oppose Ballot Measure 74 for the following reasons:”
    Proponents are saying “trust us” before rules are made.
    Oregonians will not have a vote on such critical details as: maximum number of dispensaries, purchase limit for individuals in a given time period, penalties for infractions, and statewide recordkeeping for cardholders.
    Convicted felons can become dispensary directors or employees five years after conviction.
    Dispensary directors and their employees are exempt from prosecution for marijuana related activities when in “substantial compliance.” * “Substantial compliance” is not defined or enforceable according to district attorneys and law enforcement.
    Availability of marijuana will increase, inviting illegal activity.
    The language of the measure lacks clarity on regulation, operation, and enforcement
    Summary: Measure 74, a thinly veiled attempt to legalize marijuana, has a high probability of being abused!
    NO Limits, NO Boundaries, NO on M74

    • Rational Voice

      Impacts, or should I say, Ms. Morgan? You’re surely one of her minions, if you are not she herself.

      Folks, meet Ms. Shirley Morgan of Welches, Oregon A.K.A. one of the few remaining “Oregonians Against Legalization of Marijuana” — a group that would have you believe there’s a vast percentage of the population as vehemently opposed to reality as she is.

      A tiresome and courageously misguided drug warrior, Ms. Morgan can’t show her face in public, or on the internet for fear of retribution by the people she speaks out against:

      Citizens and fellow Oregonians. US.

      Honored by the FBI for her work with the “Mount Hood Coalition Against Drug Crime”, a group of 85 likeminded prohibitionists, Ms. Morgan continues to deny all statistics, facts, legitimate government studies, and the absolutely concrete commercial laws of supply and demand.

      Harry Anslinger would be proud of Ms. Morgan. (See if you don’t know who Anslinger was) … Rot in hell, Mr. Anslinger; rot in hell.

      We all know the type. She no doubt started out with nothing but the greatest of intentions. Unfortunately, she was sold on a lie. She bought into the government lies about criminalization hook-line-and-sinker, and became a firm believer in “Just Say No” (a prohibitionist campaign strategy that has proven neither effective nor sustainable). She is for taking away your civil liberties, stripping you of your rights, and locking up anyone who disagrees with her.

      Ms. Morgan is so committed to the lies, that she won’t actually have a conversation, or a debate about the issues. She hides behind half-truths, misconceptions, stereotypes, and other lies; regurgitating cut-and-paste propaganda day and night. She depends on your ignorance to enforce her beliefs on everyone.

      She continues to hide, but the “criminals” walk around in the open.

      There are only two opinions listed in opposition to Measure 74 in the official voter handbook for 2010. The cops, who are worried about losing their toys and supplemental federal job funding, and Ms. Morgan.

      There are only three groups that continue to support the abysmal failure of prohibition, and two are profiting directly from it: The police/district attorneys, the black-market/drug dealers, and those with a religiously biased misconception of reality.

      I will presume Ms. Morgan fits into the religiously biased misconceptions of reality camp. Again, I have no doubt she had the best of intentions back in the day. But that was old-school, and old-school doesn’t work for things we want to actually control.

      Measure 74 is a step in the right direction.

      It’s time we Just Say NO to Ms. Morgan.


  • Impacts

    NO Limits, NO Boundaries, NO ON MEASURE 74
    In a study of seriously injured drivers, 26.9% tested positive for MARIJUANA while 11.6% tested positive for cocaine, and 5.6% tested positive for either methamphetamine or amphetamine.
    Additionally, in a recent British Columbia roadside study of drivers, 10.4% of drivers who provided an oral fluid sample tested positive for at least one drug other than alcohol.viii Cannabis and cocaine were the most commonly detected illegal substances, with 4.6% of drivers testing positive for each. 0.9% of drivers tested positive for opiates. Amphetamines, methamphetamine and benzodiazepines were detected in less than 1% of drivers.
    Of the total number of positive drug tests, cannabis accounted for 49.4%. Cocaine was detected in 29.3% of positive cases while opiates were detected in 14.8%. Cannabis and cocaine was the most common polydrug combination, and accounted for 8.3% of all positive drug cases.
    NO Limits, NO Boundaries, NO ON MEASURE 74

  • Tink

    I support Measure 74. It is going to be a good thing that patients are not going to have to make drug deals in front of stores and on the street corner. It takes the profit out of the hands of the drug cartels and small time drug dealers that don’t sell just marijuana. It also ensures a better quality medicine, not trash that would put a cancer patient to their death bed because of mold or pesticides. I tell people all the time to keep it organic and use lemon juice/water solution for bugs and mold issues. I’m proud to be an ommp grower for 4 very sick patients. 2 of my patients have terminal cancer. I make Rick Simpson’s Hemp Oil (YouTube “Run from the cure,the Rick Simpson story”) I donate my excess meds and clones to places like Oregon NORML and MAMA’S. I’m not doing anything different than every other grower I know. People helping people is what ommp is all about. Worry about the meth labs near schools and crack dealers on the corner selling drugs to your kid,walking home from school. Your medicine cabinet holds way more dangerous drugs than marijuana. 6 aspirin can put you in the hospital, but smoking too much marijuana will put you to sleep. Seizures and vomiting only occur with over-fed plants with little to no flushing period. Also, the butane lighter with all it’s black soot is what’s causing a lot of cases of lung cancer. Try hemp string dipped in bees wax and light the string, then your bowl. Less joint pain and your lungs will feel great!!! Since marijuana is now considered a schedule 2 medication in Oregon now, which do you think is worse? Meth,coke,or marijuana? They are all schedule 2 medications.

  • ClamChowder885

    Let’s take an honest look at the truth here. Cannabis is used for the treatment of pain and has been proven to eliminate cancerous tissue. What does our current medical system prescribe for pain? codeine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, dihydromorphine, pethidine!! What are these prescriptions you may ask? They are extremely potent isolates of synthetic OPIUM, MORPHINE AND HEROIN!!! Cannabis has been proven to NOT cause lung cancer and that abuse or dependence is only correlated with a marginal percentage of the population with a genetic predisposition for those tendencies. In fact, a persons social environment nearly accounts for all instances of abuse which is not surprising to me if for instance family members are alcoholics or rapists. Finally, Let me ask you! Even if marijuana led to high dependency rates. Would you rather your family members be addicted to Opium and Heroin derived pain killers which are proven to be lethal or would you rather them be addicted to a harmless herb? End this ignorance and fear feeding pharmaceutical lobbyist bulls**t and demand your rights!!! Don’t let toddlers accidentally overdose on painkillers! Choose Medical Cannabis!!!! The Safe Choice.

  • Dennis

    Why are Conservatives optinions being discussed. Oreogn is not a conservative state… we can’t even get rid of our governor for life: Kitzhaber/Kulingoski reminds me a lot of Putin/Medyedev.

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