New Rob Corniles TV Ad hits Congressman Wu on the economy

Rob Corniles new TV ad is called “Better” and it knocks Wu on the economy

Rob Cornilles Releases Television Ad “Better”

Rob Cornilles, candidate for Oregon’s First Congressional District, has released his first television ad of the 2010 General Election.

“Better” highlights David Wu’s use of taxpayer funds for slick campaign style mail pieces and his record of irresponsible spending as Oregonians continue to face a constant rate of high unemployment.

“Oregonians are struggling and need relief. Right now our leaders in Congress need to be championing policies that create jobs, not just working to save their own jobs. It’s time for a new direction,” said Cornilles.

The television ad began airing on October 6.

View the ad here:

Transcript of “Better”:

Rob Cornilles: They don’t get it…

Voiceover: Rob Cornilles

Rob Cornilles: Take David Wu… he’s spending thousands of tax dollars on slick mailers like this… to tell us how great a job he’s doing…

Big government health care? A failed stimulus? Wall Street bailouts?

Oregon’s unemployment has been above the national average since Wu’s been in Congress.

Voiceover: Rob Cornilles…a businessman, for Congress.

Rob Cornilles: I’m Rob Cornilles and I approve this message, let’s create some jobs …by changing Congress.