President’s State of the Union Speech Reviewed

Here is his plan: Military– Expand role in Iraq by 21,000 and expand army in general with new private workforce partnership. Health Reform – Tax deductions for health insurance and health savings accounts. Education – Reauthorize No Child Left Behind. Environment – Cut oil use by 20%, hike fuel efficiency standards for cars by 10%, stop greenhouse emissions, and even mentioned nuclear power. Entitlements – re-emphasized reform of social security. Immigration reform – double border patrol, use new technology and guest worker program.

That is the basics of his speech. We report you comment.

  • nme

    My input is, no more introducing people in the audience. It was nice when Clinton did it, but now it getting out of hand.

  • caper

    Talk is nice, but her needs to do something on it. Saying Nuke power is not enough, Bush needs to actually use his Executive power to clear the way. SS reform is nice also, but Bush needs to re-introduce his plan and do the country tour again.

  • Chris McMullen

    Bush can propose all he wants, but without congressional support, it’s all for naught. I totally supported his earlier SS reform ideas, but most of our Rs in congress wouldn’t get on board.

    And there’s no way -this- congress will support anything Bush proposes.

  • nme

    Use the bully pulpit! Bully Pulpit!

  • cut2it

    Bush was attempting to be a graphic artist –
    putting lots of lipstick on a bunch of pigs.
    Tragedy is that he fails to recognize that no amount of camouflage can cover up his treasonous, failed inadequacies.
    As a painted porker – he wins the all time prize.