Lars Larson: A Democrat member of Congress threatens your right to work

“Do you know about the “Right to Work”? You haven’t always had the right to work. When the Unions came along they did some good at a certain point in American history, but later it was required that you be represented by a Union if there was a Union in the state where you are working.

Then came the Taft-Hartley Act. Under the Act’s exceptions you were allowed to have the Right to Work granted by a state, like the state of Nevada. Nevada has Right to Work Laws that say Unions can exist but you can choose not to belong to them and you don’t have to pay the dues.

Now, a Democrat member of Congress from California is hoping that during the lame duck session of Congress he can get through a law that ends the Right to Work. That would mean that if there is a Union in your job site you would have to belong to the Union.

Let’s keep the Right to Work and let’s boot the Democrats that don’t agree with it.

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