Lars Larson: A Democrat member of Congress threatens your right to work

“Do you know about the “Right to Work”? You haven’t always had the right to work. When the Unions came along they did some good at a certain point in American history, but later it was required that you be represented by a Union if there was a Union in the state where you are working.

Then came the Taft-Hartley Act. Under the Act’s exceptions you were allowed to have the Right to Work granted by a state, like the state of Nevada. Nevada has Right to Work Laws that say Unions can exist but you can choose not to belong to them and you don’t have to pay the dues.

Now, a Democrat member of Congress from California is hoping that during the lame duck session of Congress he can get through a law that ends the Right to Work. That would mean that if there is a Union in your job site you would have to belong to the Union.

Let’s keep the Right to Work and let’s boot the Democrats that don’t agree with it.

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  • Joanne Rigutto

    Lars, you’re being somewhat misleading. I worked in construction from 1985 – 2009, first as an employee and later as a contractor. During the time from 1985 untill 1999 I was a member of the Bricklayers and Allied Crafts local #1 in Portland. I’ve worked on lots of jobsites where there were union and non union shops and tradespeople working side by side. No one was required to joing the union (at least not the BAC) to work onsite unless they were going to work for a signatory shop. And Oregon, to the best of my knowleage, was not then or now a right to work state, although we are a work at will state (big difference).

    Saying that you can’t work on a jobsite where a union is present without joining the union is a flat out lie. Working for a closed shop without joining the union would be an accurate statement, but of course that isn’t what you said is it?

    If a person wants to work for a company that is a union signatory (especially if it’s a closed shop), then that person will have to either join the union or go find work at an open shop. Just as if a person is a union member and wants to work for an open shop, if they can’t convince their potential employer to sign an agreement with that union, they will have to go work for a shop that is already signatory, or is willing to sign a labor agreement with the union. My personal opinion is that the employees shouldn’t be able to force a company to sign with a union or any other organization. If they don’t like working for an open shop they ought to just quit and go to work for a union shop.

    As you’re proud of saying – “It’s a Free Country”. No one forces anyone to join a union. You said yesterday on your show that you were forced to join a union when you went to work at one of the radio stations you were offered a job at. You are the one who chose to accept the offer, even though you knew that you’d have to join a union. You could have looked for work at an open shop and taken other work while looking for the job you wanted. At least that’s the advice I’ve heard you give to many people looking for work but not finding what their first choice would be.

    But instead, you took the union job and then worked to get the union thrown out of your workplace so that you could work for the company you chose, and force your employer into a labor situation that you dictated for them.

    Pretty much the same thing that employees wanting to force an employer into signing a contract with a union because they want to work for that particular employer and they want to belong to a particular union.

    Both of you do the same thing, that is force a business into practices that benifit the employee with no consideration for the business owner.

    You’re both pretty selfish, and in the same way, as far as I’m concerned.

    • valley p

      Well said Joanne. Welcome back. Long time no hear.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Right to work is one of those things I am sure most people probably think of as the default, until the time they may happen into a situation where to take a job, they have to join a union.

    This is patently absurd and really has no place in our society.

    The root of unions constitutional protection is the first amendment. One would be hard pressed to read that amendment covers joining a union, but does not cover not joining one. If an employer cannot constitutionally bar free association, a union should not be able to mandate the same.

    • Joanne Rigutto

      If you were a union member and could only find work in a non union shop you’d be in the same situation. Union member wanting to go to work for an open shop = leave your union. Non union member wanting to work for a union shop = join a union. Either way, you gotta make a choice.

      Where I get irritated is union people wanting to force a business into joining a union and non union people wanting to force a business into getting rid of a union.

      If a person is really FOR business, then, if that person is going to work as an employee, he/she should let that busines make the decision as to whether to be a union shop or a non union shop. Either way, if you don’t want to comply with what that business owner has decided their business should be, then GO TO WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What a load of horse pucky. More and more companies (like Boeing) are moving to southern states where there is a right to work state. Taking thousands of good paying jobs with them. One major reason is they are just tired of dealing with Unions (mainly the Union thug bosses) that inflate the cost of building aircraft and cause delays because of their stupid strikes. If the right to work is repealed because of the democrats fishing for political donations from the Unions that they supported in the first place (funding their broken pension plans with Taxpayer money), then a lot more companies will simply contract overseas to obtain more and more of what they need. Sending the jobs with them.

  • Founding Fathers

    First off, Lars continues to show that he has some combination atrocious manners and ignorance in referring to a “Democrat member of Congress.” The noun is “Democrat”, the adjective is “Democratic”. Perhaps some day Lars will start acting like an adult. Until then, why does KXL and Oregon Catalyst give this boor a platform? And why do people pay attention to him.

    Secondly, “right to work” is a misnomer. It’s really “right for employers to limit access to unions, and thus pay lower wages.” So-called right to work states tend to have lower standards of living than other states.

    But we know that Lars is on the side of the bosses, not “on your side”, as he claims. Notice, he hasn’t said anything about the growing foreclosure fraud scandal. He’s all for property rights, unless it’s a big corporation that’s doing the denying.

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