Executive Club 4/5: Sen. Tim Knopp

Keynote Speaker: Senator Tim Knopp on reforming PERS
Executive  Club  Meeting
7:00 pm  •  Wed.  April 5th  •  Portland Airport Shilo Inn

State Senator Tim Knopp is a native Oregonian who has lived in Central Oregon for almost 4 decades. For more than 3 decades, with his wife, Melissa, and together they have 4 children. For almost 2 decades, Tim’s been a small business owner, and now Exec. V.P. of the Central Oregon Builders Association and the Exec. Dir. of Building Partners for Affordable Housing. Add to that community service as little league coach, Chamber of Commerce board member, and currently on the board of First Story, an affordable housing non-profit. All of which could be damaged by an out-of-control PERS. Which gives him motivation to try to fix it, part of his focus during 3 terms in the House and now his first in the Senate.