Lars Larson: The new Democrat strategy for winning

I think I figured out the new Democrat strategy for winning—just simply to ignore reality.

Take for example Phil Hare, a Democrat member of Congress from Illinois. What’s his strategy? He’s telling voters right now that he is going to spend every minute of his time making sure we debunk the myth that America is in debt.

Hold on a second Congressman. Aren’t we $13 trillion in debt right now? “Yes,” he says, “but I’m going to debunk that myth”. He calls it a “myth”.

You know, this is one of those whistling-past-the-graveyard moments you never actually thought you’d see. A member of Congress simply denies the reality of America’s $13 trillion debt.

We owe almost as much money as the entire output in goods and services of the United States of America and we’ve got a member of Congress from Illinois who says, “It’s just not true. I’m going to just deny the reality, and move right on, and keep on spending”.

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