Governor Endorsements: Oregonian for Kitzhaber, Statesman for Dudley

The Oregonian endorsed John Kitzhaber over Chris Dudley, and the Statesman Journal chose Chirs Dudley over Kitzhaber

Sample Oregonian quote.
there is the issue of Oregonians’ cynicism toward government. There’s only one way to reduce public anger, and it is not by electing a fresh face or outsider as governor.The answer is to begin to fix the state’s deep problems. And there is only one candidate in this race prepared, on Day One, to do what the times demand of Oregon’s next governor.

Sample Statesman Quote
The issue is who is willing to go further to shake things up — who can best deliver on his promises. Dudley seems best-positioned to inspire and achieve that dramatic change as Oregon’s next governor.

What are we to make of it?