Governor Endorsements: Oregonian for Kitzhaber, Statesman for Dudley

The Oregonian endorsed John Kitzhaber over Chris Dudley, and the Statesman Journal chose Chirs Dudley over Kitzhaber

Sample Oregonian quote.
there is the issue of Oregonians’ cynicism toward government. There’s only one way to reduce public anger, and it is not by electing a fresh face or outsider as governor.The answer is to begin to fix the state’s deep problems. And there is only one candidate in this race prepared, on Day One, to do what the times demand of Oregon’s next governor.

Sample Statesman Quote
The issue is who is willing to go further to shake things up — who can best deliver on his promises. Dudley seems best-positioned to inspire and achieve that dramatic change as Oregon’s next governor.

What are we to make of it?

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    That the Oregonian is wacko.

    If I remember correctly, the Oregonian did not endorse Ted in the last election. That was something of a stunner given the papers record but it kind of said something – that the same tired solutions weren’t going to work.

    It seems a little odd that the paper would think in Teds bid for a second term, yet now it is not.

    Was the need for a change greater then than it is now? Hard to argue that.

    Does Dudley come across as so woefully incompetent that Oregon will get even worse if he is elected?

    Hard to argue that. Dudley hardly comes across as vastly less prepared than Obama, and yet the Oregonian endorsed him when the country was facing a tough situation.

    What this comes down to is one thing – The Oregonian is doing whatever it can to mitigate expected Democrat loses in November and thats about all. The papers endorsement is not about what is best for Oregon, it simply is a partisan move. Is that a big deal? Not really. The Oregonian is a liberal paper and to appear shocked and amazed every time it takes a liberal position is a little silly. Likewise for the Oregonian to act as if it is an unbiased paper, and I am not saying they do this or not, is also silly.

  • Anonymous

    The Oregonian endorsement is so stupid it’s laughable.

    I mean it’s not like the Governor job is an open one.

    There’s some clown named Ted there right now who the Oregonian told us would be a big improvement over the previous governor. Of course that was Kitzhaber who the Oregonian is now telling us us will be big improvment over Kulongoski.

    So why isn’t “Day One” right now for the last fool they edorsed?

    If whatever Kitzhaber will do is so great why doesn’t Kulongoski do it now?

    The answer is there will be no distinguishable difference. Just as there was not when Kulongoski previously took over for Kitzhaber.

    We’ve had essentially 4 terms plus 1 Roberts term of the exact same contol and approach.

    The reason the Oregonian wants more of the same is because they advocated and supported every misdirection in the last 20 years. They don’t want the records of State government and governor appointed boards and commissions to be fully opened and scrutinized revealing just how bad their advocacy journalism and editorilizing has been.

    When a new governor Dudley takes over and replaces all the management and boards for the first time in decades complete and unrestricted access to every department will be mean a major overhaul.

    Kitzhaber will keep the lid on the status quo establishment just like Kulongoski did.

  • Reper

    What a weird statement on there is only one was to reduce public anger. I can think of many.

  • Joe Stecklein

    Where,oh where are the intellectually honest people who see Oregon going over the cliff, who can recognize the immense challenges confronting Oregon and yet be willing to destroy the common good out of self interest. Public employees, school teachers, and their unions are NOT taxpayers, they are recipients of the only TRUE taxpayer, the PRIVATE SECTOR! Oh they pay (taxes ?) on what they receive from the LARGESS of the private sector. When the private sector goes, goodbye Oregon. I want a governor that can recognize the difference.

  • Veritas

    The number of people who susbcribe to the Sday Oregonian is over 300,000. I would not say it has no effect — truthbe told it has the biggest effect.

  • Garage Wine

    In case you’re wondering … here is a list of the Oregonian’s endorsements since 1986:

    2010 Kitzhaber
    2006 Kulongoski
    2002 Mannix
    1998 Kitzhaber
    1994 Kitzhaber
    1990 Roberts
    1986 Goldschmidt

    It’s almost shocking to see the now disgraced Mannix earning the only Republican endorsement.

    • Selah

      Disgraced Mannix? Kevin Mannix use to be a Democrat until he sobered up from drinking too much DNC Kool-Aid and found a right path on the road to rehabilitation.

  • conservatively speaking

    Alas, “The (loosely termed) Oregonian” has listed so far to port, the gunwales are awash in a Sargassso Sea of DNC Kool-Aid.

    Pity, too, one more albatross (like Kitzhaber) alighting on the nearly submerged rail, little or no ballast realignment will occur – NAY, not with shiftless PERSimonious ‘organized’ deckhands ready to mutiny and defend ‘their’ bounty at all costs!

    Bligh me mates, if it’s forecast to be a Kitzhaber morning (Nov 3) – ye best take warnin’ an’ batten down the hatches in the face of DEM stormy farces bent on Zero-ing in on our ship of state.

    D’oh and behold, we don’t want to be LEFT looking like the USS Oklahma, 07 Dec 41, do we?

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