Poll Recaps: Kitzhaber passes Dudley. Obama vs. Bush. GOP Pledge

Below are three recent polls:
1. Chris Dudley vs. John Kitzhaber
2. Poll on party favorability, GOP Pledge, Independent swings
3. Obama vs. Bush

Rasmussen Poll:
John Kitzhaber 48%
Chris Dudley 46%
Not Sure 4%
Other 3%

BloomBerg Poll
Unfavorable Party
Republicans 49%
Democrats 45%

Obama Health Care
Repeal 47%
Left Alone 42%

Republican Pledge to America
Good Idea 48%
Bad IDea 39%

Independent Voter Choice
Lean Republican 51%
Lean Democrat 37%

CNN poll

Better President
Obama – 47%
Bush – 43%

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  • Ricky

    Of course Kitz is passing Dudley.
    Who wouldn’t vote for the urban cowboy?
    He will save Oregon once again.

    • Wayne Brady

      I assume Ricky is joking. Kitzhaber was a disaster for Oregon the first time and would put us deeper in the hole if he is re-elected.

      We have to roll back a lot of the Kitzhaber & Kulongoski programs that are killing the economy in Oregon.

  • Bob Clark

    Kitzhaber edging Dudley…What a revolting development. Same-o-Same-o. Oregon is about as economically vibrant as the moss building up in its under used forests. I am hoping Hughes wins Metro president because maybe we can squeeze out a little more economic growth than otherwise. Looks like Rossi may be edging Murray, and this could be especially good as it might swing the U.S Senate to 51 GOP. WSJ now has the Senate deadlocked at 50 50 without Rossi’s recent edge in polling, and this leaves me wondering if the tie doesn’t go to the Dems because Biden gets a tie breaking vote as VP.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Regarding Dudley Kitzhaber his is about what we would all expect. I honestly think that most of us had in the back of our minds that it would be something of a surprise if Dudley or any Republican could win governor in this state. If I gave the general news headline for the day after election day as:

    *Republicans make gains at the state and federal level, Oregon bucks trend – sole state electing Democrat Governor”*

    I think most would not be too surprised by that result and I frankly think most anticipate it. Oregon is a unique state in that it is both left leaning and has far less concern about unemployment. Why the latter is true has always been something of a mystery.

    People clearly have not had enough when Kitzhaber, in this day and age, can pop up with a statement like “Free college for the first two years for everyone who wants to go” in a commercial and still be considered a serious candidate.

    Two things are surprising in this pole sampling:

    1 – Bush and Obama statistically tied for who was better president? That’s unreal. Considering Bush got nothing but negative press from day one of his presidency and Obama got little but positive press until recently how bad do you have to screw up to have Bush anywhere near you in this regard? And its a CNN pole to boot!

    2 – Repeal Obama care. This one is kind of amazing. Months later and people still hate this dog. I would have thought antipathy would remain high, but interest in outright repeal would have weakened.

    Again, as I have said from day one of this race – If Kitzhaber doesn’t win I will be stunned. I’m usually pretty good in my political predictions. I would say my confidence level in this one is somewhere between Obama care passage and cap and trade. I feel about as strongly that Kitzhaber will win that I did in Obama care passage being after 12/31/2009. However I do not have the same certainty I did about cap and trade not passing. That one was bet the farm.

  • Bigk

    Its all in play. Let the games begin!!!

  • Omen

    In term-numerology, imagine Kitzhaber as being more popular than McCall? OMG! Anyone in their right mind must be fighting a gag reflex about now – and really, why in the pluperfect blazes should this d’oh boy, Kitzhaber, garner a third term to continue DEMolishing our perilously listing ship of state that’s been keeling to port since Goldfinker’s commencement, 12 January 1987.

    Nuts, dammit!

    Let Logan run when he comes of age – and ‘carousel’ his dad before jaundiced Kitzhaber eludes the sandman who cometh to take his brett favre ambiguity away.

  • Scatcatpdx

    anybody to contribute to my get a poor unemployed tech out of here

  • Anonymous

    Some of us told you from the beginning that Dudley was a lightweight non-serious candidate who would not in the end win over moderates and at the same time fails to draw in the religious right. But no, you certified smart people all told us Dudley was the only way to win.

  • valley p

    I like the “Republican pledge to America one. Other polls show that only about 20% of Americans have even heard of it. And since there is nothing in it, there is no “pledge.” It is sort of a pledge to maybe do something about spending someday just trust us. Fool me once shame on you. fool me the 700th time? I should just wear a kick me again sign on my arse.

    I also like that everyone seems to ignore the Republican party being less popular than the Democrats. Quite an accomplishment.

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