New Dudley TV Ad lets newspapers deconstruct Kitzhaber

New Dudley TV Ad lets newspapers deconstruct Kitzhaber

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  • Bob Clark

    Pretty good ad. The latest poll showing an insignificant edge for Kitzhaber is really discouraging too me. I heard one analogy which seems apropos for the upcoming Oregon election. There is a red wave coming nationally but places of deep blue like Oregon represent sand bars, which the wave may not be able to fully break through. I fret this may be our outcome by and large. If we could manage to overturn one or two Oregon U.S house seats, this to me would be at least some solace. Hoping also maybe the Oregon House and/or Senate lose their Democratic super-majorities. Otherwise, we might be celebrating largely national election outcomes.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      >Otherwise, we might be celebrating largely national election outcomes.

      I think we will be, but thats not all that bad really. Certainly it will be an advancement from where we are now. Obviously the current state of affairs nationally and state wide is abysmal and everyone wants a change. We will get in in DC. In Oregon we will probably get Kitzhaber and his typical lackluster performance.

      I think the lesson here is two fold.

      For one thing, Oregon has a lot of government workers and dependents. They are dependent on representation in Salem giving them what they want. Kitzhaber obviously represents that side of the equation more than Dudley. Kitzhaber will make sure government workers are the priority, just as Ted did.

      Second – Oregon has a higher tolerance for lower achievement. Traditionally we have put up with higher unemployment. We also put up with higher taxes and government workers getting paid substantially more than the rest of us.

      In short, Oregonians are a bit more doormat than in other states. We are simply willing to put up with way more crap than most. In no other state could Kitzhaber, with his record, in this economic and political climate be elected.

      “I think everyone who wants to go to college should be able to go for two years free!!!!!”

      I mean seriously?

      This guy inst being laughed off the map with that kind of statement?


  • John in Oregon

    In an election contest in which the professional campaign staff of one camp plays the political game against the professional campaign staff of the other camp you get Oregon politics. The teams rush to sell tickets but never make a play or say anything that might just possibly, maybe offend some small number of people. So the issues that really matter to people, well those get addressed by an empty phrase or promise with no actual thought of really doing anything. It just becomes an R team vs. D team game with both protecting the power of political insiders.

    Larry Huss highlights one such issue above with his piece “Conflicts Abound in PERS”. Has either candidate faced the issue of Oregon being broke? One candidate just said we have cut all that can be cut while the other offers platitudes for fear someone might be upset. We should be happy because that guy “cares”.

    My wife and I were recently talking bout the election. Where I grew up the comment was sometimes made that the members of one particular religion had horns. I knew better as my best friend didn’t have horns. Living here in Portland I see Acorn, the pro gay alliance, the 60 MPG crowd, and just about any left cause knocking on my door. If someone said Republicans have horns you couldn’t prove it by me. I haven’t seen one in 15 years.

    Hint to Republicans. You can’t win the game if you don’t put a team on the field when ball is in the Dem half of the field. When you don’t even play in Multnomah County you can’t expect anyone to respect your team.

    Barney Frank sits in a blue state gerrymandered district of any Democrats wet dreams. Yet upstart Sean Bielat has Frank in a panic by simply telling it like it is, so sorry if your feelings are hurt, reality is reality. Suddenly Frank wants us to know he never supported everyone owing a house. He quotes him self as saying some people can only rent.

    Quoting Robert Bidinotto; “One of the most infuriating spectacles this election season is supposedly “Republican,” “conservative,” and “pro-business” individuals and groups supporting entrenched liberal incumbents against free-market, limited-government challengers.” As long as conservatives and Republicans are willing to trade principals in exchange for seat at the table of political power they will have neither principals nor power.

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