Video Clips: California debate, lawsuits creates jobs

California Governor Debate

U.S. Senate candidate, Dick Blumenthal, on how lawsuits creates jobs

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    What is it about Jerry Brown or Joe biden that makes one hear the them from Saturday Night Live in their head the second either of these nitwits is let near a microphone?

    These guys are the NASCAR politicians – Regardless of party affiliation almost everyone watching them doesnt really care what these bozos are saying, they just want to see the crash. It’s like the dumb cousin you invite to Thanksgiving. You know they are good for a few laughs so you want them around but at the same time its a little worrysome if they get too much control in the kitchen.

    “OK jerry? Joe? its getting a little too crowded in the kistchen and we need to get some stuff done, can you go hang out in the living room?”

  • Bad Man

    Blumenthal is the jerk that claimed to have served in Iraq; while the facts are that he served in a Marine Reserve unit that never left the shores of the USA. Can yoy say LIAR?

    • valley p

      You are confusing Iraq with Vietnam. He served in the Marine Reserve during the Nam war and suggested he had served in Vietnam when he did not. He never made any claims about Iraq.

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