Stop HB 2006 from slashing your Home Mortgage Interest Deduction

By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

What would you say if I told you that you and your family could lose your mortgage interest deduction forever?

Well, that’s exactly what Big Government leaders are trying do under a scheme to pass HB 2006. Unbelievable, right?

Middle class families have built their entire financial lives around the promise of the mortgage interest deduction. Now greedy politicians want to pull the rug out from homeowners and cause a financial collapse for many families.

HB 2006 would scale back the mortgage interest deductions for families and limit it to $15,000 as the maximum allowed to be deducted. A homeowner making over $100,000 would lose their Oregon mortgage deduction completely. In addition, HB 2006 also eliminates mortgage interest deduction for all second homes. Once the politicians in Salem begin lowering your mortgage deductions, there is nothing to keep them from lowering them even further in two years.

We are talking about thousands and thousands of dollars in higher homeowner expenses!

It’s hard to underestimate, just how grave a threat HB 2006 would be if it becomes law. It’s no wonder the politician who authored this tax increase bill has decided to hide his or her identity by remaining anonymous. That’s right—the idea of HB 2006 is so unconscionable that the politicians introducing it are choosing to remain anonymous so the public will never know who is responsible!

Two ways to help:

You can call your lawmaker at 1-800-332-2313 tell them to vote No on HB 2006

You can donate to our lobby effort here

  • Bob Clark

    Don’t feed Kate Brown’s beast. If you do, it will only get even more obese and more demanding until you can’t even lift it out of bed and get it through the bathroom doors.

  • Carol Fleischer

    Oregon Voters have to vote on this, the article doesn’t say anything about federal tax deductions. In which, Oregon has no control over. I told you , vote the democrats out or loose your income and taxed to death.