Scott Bruun outraises Kurt Schrader

Scott Bruun Outraises Kurt Schrader In Third Quarter Of Campaign
— Bruun raises over $400,000 in third quarter, with over $130,000 more on hand than Schrader
From Scott Bruun for Congress campaign,

WEST LINN, Ore. – In another sign of growing momentum, State Rep. Scott Bruun, Republican candidate for Congress in Oregon’s 5th district, announced today that his campaign raised $404,631.13 in the third quarter alone, outraising his opponent incumbent Kurt Schrader by nearly $50,000. Today’s FEC filing also showed Bruun with $284,178.71 cash on hand, while his opponent is left with only $156,000 cash on hand for the final stretch of the campaign. Most telling, Bruun’s support lies firmly in Oregon, with nearly 80 percent of his contributions coming from Oregonians. This is Bruun’s most successful fundraising period to date.

“I am humbled and encouraged by the outpouring of support I’ve received from Oregonians,” Bruun stated. “It’s clear that Oregon voters have embraced our message of national renewal, economic strength, and fiscal sobriety, and are tired of the reckless policies coming out of Washington, DC. In less than three weeks, Oregonians will make a choice about the future of our nation. Given the overwhelming local support we’ve received during this campaign, I am confident that it will be our message that they choose.”

Bruun has raised $875,230.39 since announcing his candidacy. He is a businessman and three-term Oregon legislator running to replace first-term Congressman Kurt Schrader. Bruun and his wife of 16 years, Alison, have two young daughters and live in Clackamas County. They are active in local charitable, sports and church activities.

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  • reality check

    when all you can brag about is how much money you’ve raised, that’s the mark of a desperate and losing campaign.

  • Not Impressed

    Why do all these teaparty guys look like they need a good shave and a bath? Is it really that they are so anti-government that they don’t have running water at their houses?

    • Mary’s Opinion

      And you are a jerk.

      • Sore and Losers

        Don’t listen to them, their corrupt politicians ideas have failed utterly and all they have left are personal attacks.

  • Not A Tea Party Guy

    Not a Tea Party guy, but I admire what they are doing. I also note the bitter taste the local and national left have for anyone that opposes them. And Kurt Schrader isn’t fooling anyone. Blue Dog? More like Blue Donkey?

    • valley p

      “I also note the bitter taste the local and national left have for anyone that opposes them. ”

      As a card carrying member of the left, I take issue with that. Opposition is good. There once was a time in this nation when we had rational conservatives who questioned liberal proposals on practical grounds. Go slow they cautioned. Watch out for unintended consequences. Can we really afford this? This approach often prevented excesses, but did not prevent progress.

      The Tea Party, or what it represents, is irrational and destructive. It wants to tear things down. Depending on which one you talk to, we have to take the nation back to pre-1960s, or pre-1930s, or pre-1920s (President Wilson is the latest Pinata of Beck) or all the way back to the day after the Constitution was signed. There is this yearning for a simpler time when men were men, grew their own potatoes, and shot game for the table.

      So the bitter taste we express is not for opposition, but for this particular opposition. The Tea Party is childish and churlish. It has no forward looking agenda. It rails about deficits and promotes further tax cuts, especially for the richest among us. It complains about Medicare cuts and government spending in the same breath. It blames the unemployed for their plight. It absolves the private sector of its many failings (Madoff, Enron, BP, AIG, Wall Street). It ignores or dismisses all the essential work government and government workers do. It pretends that the dreaded government did not just bail us out of what could have been a deep depression. To the extent this represents a political philosophy, it is either a dead end or a cliff.

  • Bob Tiernan

    *valley boy:*

    There once was a time in this nation when we had rational conservatives who questioned liberal proposals on practical grounds.

    *Bob T:*

    Do you see both sides? Yes, things appear to be more polarized than at any time I can recall, and that includes what you are leaving out (i.e. too blind to see), namely, that there are no longer rational lefties but instead those who counter opposing proposals and ideas by calling their opponents racists. morons, and scores of other labels. It always comes down to one of these, such as when the Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-Corrupt) said that Republicans mean “nigger” when they say “tax cut”.

    Bob Tiernan

    • vally p

      “Do you see both sides?”

      Yes. I see one side (mine) that acts and talks responsibly most of the time, occasionally with one or another person saying something irresponsible. I see the other side (yours) with a completely irresponsible program from top to bottom, occasionally with one or another person (Paul Ryan?) saying something responsible.

      Think on this Bobby-boo, the leaders of my side are not Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin, with backup from senate candidates Sharon Angle and Christine O’Donnel. Its hard to find any liberal politician on a national level, Dennis Kucinich excepted, who is a crazy as this bunch.

      And my side is not calling every Muslim-American a probable terrorist, which your side (see Newt Gingrich) has been doing.

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