Poll puts Scott Bruun ahead of Kurt Schrader

As Oregon CD-5 grows increasingly competitive, Scott Bruun is poised for success
By Scott Bruun for Congress,

WEST LINN, Ore. – With just fifteen days until Election Day, signs show that Scott Bruun is on his way to defeating incumbent Kurt Schrader. Recent polling and fundraising numbers point to a clear shift in momentum in Oregon’s Fifth Congressional District with challenger Scott Bruun looking toward a strong finish in this swing district. Bruun released polling numbers today showing that as of last week, he continued to lead Rep. Kurt Schrader.The poll, conducted October 11-12 by Moore Information, shows Bruun leading Schrader by four percentage points on a head-to-head ballot test. Bruun enjoyed support from 44 percent of the voters polled, while Schrader trailed with only 40 percent.

This poll follows news that top political handicappers, Charlie Cook and Stu Rothenberg, have both recently categorized Oregon’s Fifth Congressional District as a “toss-up” race, and Bruun’s third quarter fundraising numbers—outpacing incumbent Kurt Schrader’s third quarter contributions by nearly $50,000—signal sustained momentum and growing support for Bruun’s candidacy.

It’s clear that Schrader knows his campaign is in a tough spot. FEC reports show the Schrader campaign having conducted several polls throughout August, yet the campaign has only released data from a July poll. All previously released polling for Oregon’s Fifth Congressional District has demonstrated Schrader’s increasing vulnerability, with ballot support for Schrader consistently remaining under 50 percent.

Moore stated in a memo to the Bruun campaign that “there is a major opportunity for Republicans to pick up a Democratic Congressional seat in Oregon CD 5,” also pointing to increasing voter dissatisfaction with Democrat leadership. District voters preferred a Republican candidate to a Democrat 48-36 percent, “a major shift change from two years ago,” when Schrader was first elected.

“Kurt Schrader knows he is at his weakest point at the worst possible time. Oregonians are already casting their ballots for Scott Bruun, and it’s clear Schrader is becoming desperate,” said Bruun’s campaign manager Jon Reedy. “We know Schrader and his Washington, DC cronies will continue their vicious and false attacks as they desperately try to maintain what little support they have left.”

Bruun is running for the seat currently held by first-term Democrat Congressman Kurt Schrader. A member of the House Budget Committee, Schrader has proven himself a reliable supporter of House Democrat leadership, voting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi over 97 percent of the time.

Scott Bruun is a businessman and three-term Oregon legislator. Bruun and his wife of 16 years, Alison, have two young daughters and live in Clackamas County. They are active in local charitable, sports and church activities.