Straw Poll Measure 73: Crime Measure

Straw Poll on Oregon Ballot Measure 73: Crime Measure
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon,

This is a straw poll of taxpayer activists in August 2010 asking people’s first impressions on ballot Measure 73 from just reading the ballot title and Yes/No summary (and before any campaign ads or influence began).

Ballot Measure 73 Crime Measure
Yes… 77% (241)
No…. 33% (72)
Total………. (313)

Requires Increased Minimum Sentences For Certain Repeated Sex Crimes, Incarceration For Repeated Driving Under Influence
— YES vote increases minimum sentences for certain repeated sex crimes (300 months), imposes minimum incarceration sentences for certain repeated driving under the influence convictions (90 days).
–NO vote retains mandatory-minimum sentences of 70 to 100 months for certain sex crimes, provides no mandatory minimum incarceration sentences for driving under the influence.